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Lenovo’s AI-Powered Innovation Takes Center Stage at CES 2024

At the recently concluded CES 2024 in Las Vegas from January 9 to 12, Lenovo made a bold statement by unveiling over 40 new devices and solutions infused with artificial intelligence (AI). The tech giant showcased its commitment to making AI accessible to all, introducing groundbreaking innovations across its Yoga, ThinkPad, and Legion IdeaPad sub-brands.

AI-Powered PC Innovations Across Lenovo’s Iconic Brands

Lenovo’s CES 2024 announcements feature a wide array of AI PC innovations spanning its renowned Yoga, ThinkPad, and Legion IdeaPad product lines. These innovations promise to redefine the computing experience for consumers and businesses alike. The lineup includes not only devices but also two intriguing proof of concept products, a tablet, software app, and various accessories.

Lenovo's AI-Powered Innovation Takes Center Stage at CES 2024 - Alvinology

Lenovo Yoga’s Creative Powerhouse

Lenovo’s new Yoga lineup stole the spotlight, especially the Yoga AI laptops designed to supercharge the creative process. These laptops boast the exclusive Lenovo Yoga Creator Zone, a software tailored for creators, artists, and anyone seeking the power of generative AI in a secure and user-friendly manner. The Lenovo Yoga Pro 9i (16″, 9) and the Lenovo Yoga 9i 2-in-1 (14″, 9) headline this new generation, offering robust features like MIL-STD-810H1 durability, Intel Core Ultra Processors, and a dedicated Lenovo AI Core Chip for enhanced AI functionality.

Lenovo's AI-Powered Innovation Takes Center Stage at CES 2024 - Alvinology

The star of the show is the Lenovo X Power, a machine learning-powered tuning solution maximizing the performance of the Lenovo AI Core and Intel Ultra processors in the Yoga Pro 9i. It optimizes tasks such as 3D rendering and film color correction, prioritizing performance, battery life, and cooling efficiency. The Yoga lineup also introduces a Copilot key for quick access to AI features in Windows 11, making everyday tasks more convenient.

Expanding the Yoga Family

Complementing the Pro models are four additional Yoga laptops, catering to various preferences and needs. The Yoga Slim 7i (14″, 9) emphasizes portability with its thin and light design, while the Yoga Pro 7i (14″,9) and Yoga Pro 7 (14″,9) cater to content creators with powerful processors and high-quality screens. The innovative Yoga Book 9i (13″, 9) returns with new features, including Intel’s Core Ultra Processors and enhanced creative software.

Lenovo Tab M11: A Blend of Entertainment and Learning

The Lenovo Tab M11 tablet, equipped with the Lenovo Tab Pen, emerges as a versatile “me time” device for students, movie enthusiasts, and budding artists. Preloaded with premium software, including Nebo for handwriting conversion and MyScript Calculator 2 for real-time equation solving, this tablet promises an enhanced user experience.

Lenovo's AI-Powered Innovation Takes Center Stage at CES 2024 - Alvinology

ThinkPad and IdeaPad Laptops Unlock New AI Experiences

Lenovo’s commitment to AI extends to its business and consumer laptops. The new ThinkPad X1 Carbon and ThinkPad X1 2-in-1, both Intel Evo laptops powered by Intel Core Ultra processors and Windows 11, promise optimal power efficiency, performance, and immersive experiences. These laptops are part of the AI PC revolution, redefining how people create, collaborate, and interact with their PCs.

Lenovo's AI-Powered Innovation Takes Center Stage at CES 2024 - Alvinology

Lenovo Legion Gaming Ecosystem: Elevating Gaming to New Heights

Lenovo’s CES 2024 gaming ecosystem steals the show with Microsoft Windows 11-based PCs, peripherals, software, and services. The new 9th generation Lenovo Legion 16-inch gaming laptops and towers, including the Legion 7i (16″, 9), Legion 5i (16″, 9), and Legion Pro 5i (16″, 9), showcase power, thermals, graphics, and AI-powered advantages. These gaming laptops are equipped with Lenovo’s proprietary hardware AI chips, offering higher FPS, increased power efficiency, and more.

AvatarMaster Takes Streaming and Collaboration to a New Dimension

Select Lenovo Legion systems, such as the Legion 7i (16″, 9) and Legion 5i (16″, 9), introduce AvatarMaster – an AI-powered app transforming users’ profiles into customizable 3D digital avatars. This feature enhances streaming experiences during video conferences and gaming sessions.

Lenovo's AI-Powered Innovation Takes Center Stage at CES 2024 - Alvinology

Availability in Singapore

Several of the showcased devices are already available in Singapore, with prices starting from SG$1,664 for the Yoga Slim 7i (14″, 9), SG$2,926 for the Legion 7i (14″,9), and SG$1,462 for the LOQ 15IRX9, among others.

Lenovo’s CES 2024 showcase proves the company’s dedication to unleashing the power of AI across various product categories, offering consumers innovative and personalized experiences in the realms of creativity, productivity, and gaming.

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