Singaporeans Embrace a Lifestyle of Convenience with Food Delivery Platforms - Alvinology

Singaporeans Embrace a Lifestyle of Convenience with Food Delivery Platforms

In a recent Censuswide survey commissioned by Deliveroo, it has been revealed that the use of food delivery platforms has seamlessly transitioned into a way of life for Singaporeans. The survey, conducted in November with 1,000 respondents, sheds light on the evolving trends in the post-pandemic world.

From Ready-to-Eat to Everyday Essentials: A Paradigm Shift

Beyond merely satisfying hunger pangs, food delivery platforms are now an integral part of daily life for a significant portion of Singaporeans. The survey indicates that 68% of respondents incorporate food delivery into their daily routines, with an impressive 80% expecting to use these platforms even more in the next 12 months.

Singaporeans Embrace a Lifestyle of Convenience with Food Delivery Platforms - Alvinology

Rising Expenditure and Changing Habits

The findings also highlight a steady increase in expenditure on food delivery services, with 62% of consumers anticipating spending more in the upcoming year. Average monthly spending has risen to $118 from $108 in 2022, showcasing a willingness among consumers, particularly those aged 46-55, to invest in the convenience these platforms offer, spending an average of $169 per month.

Healthy Choices and Customization Drive Spending

Customers are displaying a willingness to open their wallets for certain types of dishes, with 38% willing to pay more for healthier food and 35% for customizable food orders. The survey aligns with the Deliveroo 100 report of 2023, indicating a growing demand for personalized and health-conscious meal options.

Beyond Meals: The Expanding Horizon of Food Delivery Platforms

Food delivery services have expanded beyond ready-to-eat meals, now offering a spectrum of services that cater to various aspects of consumers’ lives. The survey reveals that grocery delivery services are gaining traction, with 49% expressing a preference for getting groceries delivered rather than visiting the supermarket.

Gift Shopping and Non-Food Items

Moreover, the survey illustrates the growing trend of using food delivery platforms for gift shopping and non-food items. Over half of the respondents (55%) prefer getting gifts delivered through on-demand services, emphasizing the convenience factor. Additionally, 53% express a preference for obtaining non-food supplies through these platforms, showcasing their versatility.

Support for Local Tipping Culture

Beyond the transaction, consumers are showing support for the local tipping culture, with 89% expressing their approval of in-app features that allow tipping for riders. Deliveroo’s internal data indicates a noteworthy 10% increase in orders with rider tips in 2023 compared to the previous year.

Deliveroo’s Holistic Approach to Community Engagement

In addition to its core services, Deliveroo has embarked on initiatives such as donation drives with Food From The Heart, community engagement activities like #ComingBackTogether for Ramadan, and more. These efforts reflect the platform’s commitment to creating a positive impact beyond the realm of food delivery.

As food delivery platforms continue to redefine the lifestyle landscape, Singaporeans are not just embracing convenience but actively incorporating these services into various facets of their daily lives. The trend appears set to grow, promising a future where food delivery platforms seamlessly integrate with diverse aspects of consumer needs.

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