Meltwater's Exclusive Report Reveals Singapore's Top Social Media Influencers - Alvinology

Meltwater’s Exclusive Report Reveals Singapore’s Top Social Media Influencers

In a groundbreaking revelation, Meltwater, a global leader in media intelligence and data analytics, has unveiled “The Social Media Influence 10,” an insightful report powered by Meltwater’s Klear score. This exclusive report takes a deep dive into the influential figures molding Singapore’s creator economy and social media landscape.

Meltwater's Exclusive Report Reveals Singapore's Top Social Media Influencers - Alvinology

The Current State of Influencer Marketing

Meltwater’s State of Influencer Marketing Report 2023 sheds light on the evolving landscape of digital advertising, with a notable 35.7% of internet users employing ad blockers. Surprisingly, only 17.2% feel represented by the advertising they encounter. Despite this, brands are underinvesting in influencer marketing, even though it’s proven to be more effective than traditional digital advertising. Research indicates that influencers are 87% more memorable than TV advertising and surpass Facebook and YouTube advertising in memorability by 182% and 73%, respectively.

The Rise of Influencer Marketing in Singapore

In recent years, Singapore’s creator economy and social media scene have experienced significant growth, providing brands with the opportunity to reimagine their engagement strategies. Influencer marketing, in particular, emerges as a powerful tool for brands, offering an authentic and direct channel to connect with audiences, invigorate customer relationships, and cultivate passionate brand advocates.

Notable Influencers in Singapore

Meltwater’s latest report highlights influential figures who have left an indelible mark on Singapore’s social media landscape. Recognizable names like actresses Jayley Woo and Kimberly Chia, along with entrepreneurs and content creators Naomi Neo and Tan Jianhao, feature prominently.

Top Five Influencers by Klear Score

According to Meltwater’s influencer marketing solution, Klear, the top five influencers in Singapore, boasting the highest Klear Scores, are:

  1. Naomi Neo (Klear Score: 99)
  2. Noah Yap (Klear Score: 99)
  3. Jianhao Tan (Klear Score: 99)
  4. Tosh Rock (Klear Score: 99)
  5. Kimberly Chia (Klear Score: 99)

Methodology Behind the Report

The report, compiled on 16 November 2023, utilizes Meltwater’s Klear score, an influencer marketing solution that provides access to analytics and audience demographics. The rankings are based on Klear scores and reach, with influencers required to have a minimum of 400,000 followers across all platforms and significant influence in Singapore, reaching at least 40% of a Singaporean audience.

Klear Score, an all-encompassing influence indicator, considers variables such as following, reach, engagement rate quality, and audience authenticity. It is calculated through Klear’s proprietary AI algorithm, ensuring a comprehensive assessment of an influencer’s impact.

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