Jewel Changi Airport's New Retail Cluster Unveils Local Treasures - 'Discovering the Best of Singapore Brands' - Alvinology

Jewel Changi Airport’s New Retail Cluster Unveils Local Treasures – ‘Discovering the Best of Singapore Brands’

Jewel Changi Airport, a haven for travelers and locals alike, has elevated its shopping experience with the introduction of an enticing retail cluster—’Discovering the Best of Singapore Brands’.

Partnering with the Singapore Tourism Board, Jewel presents a curated retail space that celebrates the best of Singaporean craftsmanship, heritage, and innovation. The cluster features renowned brands, including the ‘1Made with Passion’ lineup such as Anthology of Compendium Spirits, IRVINS, Kele, Kim’s Duet, Kwong Cheong Thye, and Ya Kun Kaya Toast. The seamless integration of these distinguished brands creates a collective shopping haven spanning 370 square meters.

Jewel Changi Airport's New Retail Cluster Unveils Local Treasures - 'Discovering the Best of Singapore Brands' - Alvinology

Green Oasis Shopping Experience

Inspired by Jewel’s iconic indoor greenery, the retail cluster boasts stylish landscaping and adopts an open-concept design. Conveniently located on Jewel Level 1, near essential aviation facilities, it serves as a prime spot for travelers to immerse themselves in Singapore’s vibrant offerings. Local visitors, too, can explore curated offerings unique to this retail cluster, enhancing Jewel’s reputation as a window to the best of Singapore.

Exclusive Dining Experiences

Among the eight featured brands, three offer dine-in concepts. Keong Saik Bakery presents traditional and modern pastries, including exclusive items available only at Jewel. Ya Kun Kaya Toast serves its familiar toast sets and coffee, while Anthology of Compendium Spirits introduces Southeast Asian-inspired cocktails, craft spirits, and bar bites. Visitors can even take home cocktails with travel gift sets, featuring nine brand-new signature cocktails exclusive to the Jewel outlet.

Kim’s Duet debuts its flagship store, inviting visitors to explore its full product range while learning about the special roasting method that defines Singapore Nanyang coffee. Kwong Cheong Thye introduces Singapore’s first barrel-aged Soya Sauces, and Kele offers premium confectionery products in travel-friendly boxes, including signature pineapple pastries. IRVINS tempts with addictive snacks, and ‘I LOVE SG’ showcases local souvenirs, adding a touch of Singaporean flair to your shopping experience.

Jewel’s Commitment to Local Brands

With almost half of its 250 retail & F&B mix comprised of homegrown brands, Jewel stands as a testament to Singapore’s rich retail landscape. The ‘Discovering the Best of Singapore Brands’ cluster enhances Jewel’s extensive lineup, strengthening its reputation as a shopping haven with a local touch.

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