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Sony Store One Holland Village: Cutting-Edge Tech Haven Where Pets are Allowed

Sony has set the stage for an unparalleled shopping experience with the inauguration of its latest retail store, Sony Store One Holland Village, in Singapore. Nestled in the heart of the vibrant One Holland Village, this new store is not just a retail space; it’s a haven designed to redefine the way customers interact with Sony’s cutting-edge technology and electronics.

Bespoke Shopping Experience

Sony Store One Holland Village is a testament to the brand’s commitment to customer satisfaction. Offering a bespoke shopping experience, customers can immerse themselves in the world of Sony’s latest products. The store goes beyond the traditional “test before purchase” concept by allowing cinephiles to pre-book exclusive product demo sessions for BRAVIA TVs and soundbars in a dedicated home entertainment area. The emphasis is on personalization, as customers can bring their own content for testing, ensuring an experience tailored to their preferences.

Sony Store One Holland Village: Cutting-Edge Tech Haven Where Pets are Allowed - Alvinology

In a unique and exclusive offering, shoppers can test Sony products in real-world settings with a two-hour product loan period for selected digital imaging and personal entertainment products. This allows customers to experience Sony’s innovations outside the store, aligning with their lifestyles and satisfying their curiosity.

To further enhance the personalized experience, customers can book appointments with Sony product consultants who provide in-depth guidance on product features, settings, and usage.

Engaging the Community

Sony Store One Holland Village is not just about transactions; it’s about community engagement. Monthly curated workshops, including photo walks, open the doors for the community to explore their favorite Holland Village locations through the lens of a Sony camera. Photography enthusiasts can even see their work showcased on the store’s 85” BRAVIA TV.

The store also offers digital imaging accessories for trial, ensuring photography enthusiasts have access to the latest tools to capture the perfect moment.

Thoughtful Design for Unparalleled Experience

Spanning over 2,200 square feet, the store is more than just a retail space; it’s a sanctuary for tech lovers. With soft lighting, warm wood accents, and glass walls inviting natural light, the store creates a calming environment. It features dedicated sections for new arrivals, product experiences, and an open ambience for customers to relax and enjoy.

Adding a unique touch, the store is pet-friendly, welcoming furry friends to accompany shoppers in this comfortable environment.

Exciting Opening Deals and Promotions

To celebrate its opening, Sony Store One Holland Village is offering special deals and promotions throughout December. Shoppers can enjoy cashbacks, 2X loyalty points, and a limited-edition Sony Store Recycle Bag. A photography contest and workshop also coincide with the opening event, providing customers with an opportunity to showcase their skills and learn new ones.

Additionally, customers can partake in Sony’s Year End Promotions on the complete range of products till 31 December 2023, featuring discounts, cashbacks, and freebies.

Visit Sony Store One Holland Village at 7 Holland Village Way, #02-38/39 One Holland Village, Singapore 275748, open from 11 AM to 9 PM every day of the week.

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