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Taste Test: Pizza Hut Singapore’s Korean Army Stew Pizza

Pizza Hut Singapore recently launched a new Army Stew Pizza and an exclusive Korean-inspired menu available from now until 9 November.

The Hallyu Wave, with its K-Pop stars and binge-worthy Korean Dramas, has become synonymous with guilty pleasures. Pizza Hut Singapore recognises this and is delving into the world of K-drama-inspired indulgence with the Army Stew Pizza.

This unique pizza creation combines Cheeses, Chicken Luncheon Meat, Chewy Tteokbokki, Kimchi, and Ramyeon, all resting on a bed of cheesy stuffed crust.


🍕 Pizza Hut Singapore just dropped a limited time Army Stew Pizza. 🇰🇷🍜Available from now until 9 Nov, the pizza features Cheeses, Chicken Luncheon Meat, Chewy Tteokbokki, Kimchi, and Ramyeon all piled up on a bed of cheesy stuffed crust. I was skeptical too, but the flavours surprised me. The cheeses and spicy kimchi were 🔥. Details on Alvinology.com. #PizzaHutSG #ArmyStewPizza #pizzahutarmystewpizza

♬ Drama Korea Sound – Kerangsakti77

To be honest, the mix of ingredients sounds like a recipe for disaster, but it actually tastes pretty good when put together. Predominantly, the strongest flavours that came through would be the cheeses and the spicy kimchi that go well together. The rest is just adding to the texture and for an extra surprise. The Tteokbokki (Korean rice cake), while nice to look at and enhances the overall Korean-look of the pizza, was unnecessary to me. They were too starchy to bite into and did not go with the overall texture of everything else.

We would recommend trying it for the novelty and as something fun to enjoy with friends.

Why did Pizza Hut Singapore launch an Army Stew pizza though?

“We recognise how K-dramas, in particular, have constantly jumped in popularity over the years and how it has shaped consumer’s preferences. With dedicated innovation, we aim to enrich our spectrum of offerings and bring Korean food culture to our customers through the latest Army Stew Pizza along with our other Korean-inspired exclusives. We want customers to have fun with this latest new pizza creation as it involves an interactive dining experience. I am confident that after trying it, they will agree that it is daebak!” Shared Jayss Rajoo, Director of Marketing and Food Innovation at Pizza Hut Singapore, expressed their enthusiasm,

More Korean-Inspired Exclusives and Limited-Time Merchandise

In conjunction with the launch, Pizza Hut Singapore has also expanded its limited-time menu to include the savory Kimchi Beef Pepperoni Melts with the exclusive Hot Jjang dip and Cheesy Kimchi Hawaiian Tteokbokki.

For those who love novelty items, limited-edition merchandise featuring the iconic Army Stew Pizza design is available. You can grab a pillow and a trendy blanket for S$12.90 each, while stocks last.

Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Horror Nights Lucky Draw

With Halloween approaching, Pizza Hut Singapore has partnered with Universal Studios Singapore and Coca-Cola to bring some spooky fun.

By using the code ‘HHN11XCOKE’ on the Pizza Hut website or app from September 14 to October 8, you have a chance to win exciting prizes. Three lucky winners will enjoy a Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Horror Nights R.I.P. Tour and a one-night stay for two at Resorts World Sentosa Hotel Ora (valued at $1,360). Additionally, 15 other lucky winners can win a pair of Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Horror Nights Express Tickets (worth $338).

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