Sure, all of us have been guilty of photo fails–or worse, thinking our ugly family photos are actually “artistic.”

But it’s a slightly different story when the photo fail is done by none other than the United States embassy in Singapore!

Just take a look at this:

Best comment: Are they on the witness protection program?

Here’s a better photo to see:

The actual photo

While we certainly applaud the awardees for the Singapore Fulbright Distinguished Award in Teaching (DAT), we wish the photo could have showed us their faces so that when we see them walking down the street, we could say,

“Hey, congratulations on being a great teacher!”

Sadly, we now have to click the link to know what they look like.

Congratulations to Teacher Chew Tea Heng Edwin and Teacher Katelyn Asare for their well-deserved award. They’re looking snazzy in their better photo too.

Header image from Shutterstock.