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The Fourth-Generation Toyota Vellfire Hybrid: Redefining Luxury and Eco-Friendly Driving

Toyota Singapore proudly presents the fourth-generation Toyota Vellfire Hybrid, setting a new standard for luxury and innovation. This all-new hybrid edition promises passengers an unparalleled journey and exemplifies Toyota’s unwavering commitment to excellence. From its remarkable features that ensure exceptional comfort to the tranquility and eco-friendly performance typical of hybrid vehicles, every aspect has been meticulously crafted to redefine the driving experience with impeccable craftsmanship and cutting-edge features.

Embracing “the joy of comfort mobility”

The all-new Vellfire Hybrid has been meticulously designed to provide passengers with a spacious and serene environment, embracing the concept of “the joy of comfort mobility.” This new generation has undergone significant improvements in basic performance, including reduced vibrations and noise, improved fuel economy, and enhanced driving dynamics. The interior and exterior designs, as well as user-friendliness, have been elevated to meet world-class standards.

The Fourth-Generation Toyota Vellfire Hybrid: Redefining Luxury and Eco-Friendly Driving - Alvinology

Dignified and Powerful Exterior

Toyota’s engineers aimed to create a sense of boldness in the Vellfire Hybrid’s design. To achieve this, they seamlessly connected the lamp and grille patterns, resulting in a sharp, commanding front appearance. Stretching from the B-pillar to the rear, the model features a three-dimensional, single-stroke cabin silhouette line, enhancing its overall spaciousness. Exclusive to the Vellfire Hybrid, chrome-plated decoration adorns the bottom edges of the front and rear bumpers, accentuating its charisma and wide, low design.

Elevated Comfort, Tailored Luxury

At the core of the all-new Toyota Vellfire Hybrid is an exceptional interior designed to deliver a blend of elegance, comfort, and top-tier luxury. Passengers will appreciate the increased space between seat rows, ensuring a more comfortable and roomy cabin during their journeys.

Indulge in plush captain seats equipped with the innovative Ottoman Function, providing an indulgent commuting experience. Second-row seats boast genuine leather upholstery, seat ventilation, and massage functionality, offering a personalized and opulent ride. To create a truly bespoke experience, the Vellfire Hybrid offers a remarkable selection of 14 ambient lighting choices and a twin panoramic moonroof, allowing passengers to customize their travel experience.

Unrivalled Convenience

The all-new Toyota Vellfire Hybrid redefines sophistication on the road. Its power sliding door system, equipped with advanced obstruction detection, ensures effortless entry and exit. Wider rear door openings and a lowered rear seat access step cater to passengers of all heights, facilitating easy boarding and alighting. Inside, the Vellfire Hybrid offers ten distinctive seating configurations, including a convenient 50:50 split-folding option for the third-row seats, ensuring ample space for diverse passenger needs.

In a departure from previous designs, the Super-Long Overhead Console centralizes components like lighting, switches, and air conditioning vents in the center of the ceiling, enhancing convenience and ease of operation for all occupants.

Tranquil Journeys Redefined

Experience serenity on the road with advanced noise reduction technologies and a hybrid engine. The Vellfire Hybrid’s nearly noiseless hybrid engine, low-noise tires, and sound-absorbing materials create a tranquil ambiance, akin to a peaceful forest. The optimized TNGA platform enhances rigidity by 50 percent over the previous model, effectively reducing vibrations and noise, ensuring a comfortable ride. This hybrid system not only delivers a smoother and quieter drive but also aligns with Toyota’s Carbon Neutrality goals for a greener future.

Enhanced Peace of Mind

Safety is paramount, and the all-new Vellfire Hybrid introduces a new era of safety with advanced Toyota Safety Sense features. Equipped with shape recognition cameras and millimeter-wave radar, the system detects potential collisions involving cyclists, pedestrians, and oncoming vehicles, initiating automatic braking when necessary to prevent accidents. Features such as Curve Speed Management, Lane Departure Alert, Lane Tracing Assist, Adaptive High-Beam, and six SRS Airbags ensure the well-being of all passengers, setting new safety benchmarks.

The Toyota Vellfire Hybrid represents a bold leap forward in luxury, comfort, and eco-friendliness. It is now available for purchase on the Toyota Singapore website and in showrooms.

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