An employee at Aloha Poké misspelled a name to “I h8 you,” and Aloha said they terminated the services of the part time staff responsible.

What happened?

According to a post by netizen Dayna Ng, they had a large order of Poké bowls from Aloha for an office lunch. To facilitate the order, they sent in a excel sheet with the specific orders and names of the customers so the branch could label them correctly.

The Facebook post by Dayna said that once the food was delivered, everyone found their orders were correct, except for one person named “Iihata Yau.”

According to the post, the name written on that person’s order was “I h8 you.”

Dayna then posted a 1-star review complaining about this alleged unprofessional and stressing incident.

Her post read:

I’ve been a fan of Aloha for a while now. Today my company ordered 37 bowls for a corporate lunch. All the bowls were labeled with our names but to my disappointment, one of the bowls were labeled with “I h8 you”. Even if your staff was not sure how to spell the customer’s name, it does not warrant rude comments. Furthermore we sent across an excel sheet with the names so this should not have been an issue.

Spelling aside, this was completely uncalled for and unacceptable service, especially since we placed such a large order.

Aloha’s response

Aloha was quick to respond to her review and investigated the matter. They apologized and posted the order slip with the written name:

Take a closer look at the offending portion:

Here’s what Aloha also had to say with this photo:

Hi Dayna, we are horrified by this and cannot apologize more. Please know that we have terminated the services of the part time staff responsible. She claims she had read incorrectly from the order sheet attached, but it is still clearly an unacceptable response. We have implemented new SOPs whereby our outlet managers will have to check the work done by our part timers to ensure something like this will never happen again. We apologize unreservedly on this matter

This, on the other hand, was what arrived with Dayna and her colleagues.

While we can understand the misspelling, wouldn’t it have been all right to call Dayna and ask for the correct name? The restaurant could have even printed out the name as it was written on the excel sheet and just pasted it onto the bowl.

While firing the employee was harsh, we were not privy to the details of the investigation.

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Photos from Dayna Ng Facebook account and Aloha Poke.