[Review] Introducing UA Slipspeed - Under Armour's Most Versatile Training Shoe Designed for Athletes - Alvinology

[Review] Introducing UA Slipspeed – Under Armour’s Most Versatile Training Shoe Designed for Athletes

Earlier this year, Under Armour (UA) launched their latest innovative athletes’ footwear – UA SlipSpeed, allowing for transformation from a training mode to a casual mode easily. This revolutionary training shoe is meticulously crafted to meet the diverse performance needs of athletes, seamlessly transitioning from intense training sessions to relaxing recovery modes.

I have been wearing it for the past few months and absolutely love its versatility.

Versatility at its Core

The UA SlipSpeed is a game-changer in the realm of training shoes, boasting a unique combination of signature UA technologies and ingenious designs.

Equipped with UA’s UA Flow and Iso-Chill technologies, along with the revolutionary BOA Fit System and the “crushable” heel design, this shoe takes versatility to unprecedented levels, pushing the boundaries of performance.

[Review] Introducing UA Slipspeed - Under Armour's Most Versatile Training Shoe Designed for Athletes - Alvinology

The crushable heels make it easy to transition the UA SlipSpeed from one mode to another. You can use it for training one moment and for walking around the shopping malls next.

It is also soft and lightweight, allowing it be worn with or without socks. I find it particularly useful when traveling. It is troublesome to pack a pair of running shoes for jogging and another pair for casual walking. With the UA SlipSpeed, you just need one pair of shoes to serve both purposes.

“When we took a look at the market and spoke with athletes, what we continued to hear was the need for versatility – there was a clear demand for an innovative and versatile solution in the performance footwear category. What we have created with UA SlipSpeed is a trainer that not only adjusts to fit your specific footwear needs any time of the day but also still packs in some of our biggest performance innovations like UA Flow and UA Iso-Chill for optimum training.” Shared Marcus Cheatham, Director of Product, Special Teams at Under Armour.

Athlete-driven Innovation

[Review] Introducing UA Slipspeed - Under Armour's Most Versatile Training Shoe Designed for Athletes - Alvinology

Under Armour’s commitment to athlete-driven innovation shines through in the development of the UA SlipSpeed.

The product and innovation teams at Under Armour remain nimble and focused on delivering products that address the challenges athletes face. Building on the success of the game-changing UA SportsMask, the same product team set out to create a versatile solution to fulfill athletes’ unique footwear needs.

The UA SlipSpeed is endorsed by one the all-time top athletes in the world, Michael Phelps.

“When I received my first pair of UA SlipSpeed, I was excited to have a shoe that could take me from a hard workout in the gym to running errands with the kids without the need to bring another pair of shoes along. I was able to share some of my feedback with the team after testing out the shoe for a while, and I am excited to see it come to market for athletes and exercise enthusiasts of all abilities to take advantage of.” Shared Phelps.

Key Features of the UA SlipSpeed

  • UA Flow cushioning for unmatched comfort, ground contact, and traction.
  • Breathable upper with reinforced supportive material and engineered venting.
  • Personalized BOA fit system with a 12-point lockdown system for a precise and secure fit.
  • UA Iso-Chill foam padded interior from heel to toe with cool-to-the-touch Iso-Chill technology.
  • Machine washable for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Convertible heel to effortlessly switch from training mode to recovery mode.

The UA SlipSpeed represents a monumental leap in athletic footwear, catering to the dynamic lifestyle and needs of athletes. With its unrivaled versatility and groundbreaking technologies, it is poised to be a go-to choice for athletes across various disciplines:

Pricing and Availability

The UA SlipSpeed training shoes are available in two designs and three different colours at S$239 a pair. They can be purchased online via Under Armour’s official website or at the physical retail stores in Singapore. If you think of it as two shoes for the price of one, the pricing is beyond reasonable!

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