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Charity Rooted in Culture

Charities that are rooted in culture are very common and important to many. An example of this is Zakat charities in Islam. Zakat is the giving of 2.5% of your wealth to charity to uphold Islamic obligations. This is paid on wealth, including gold, silver, cash, livestock, and other valuable assets. Zakat is paid once a year, and Zakat 2023 will be paid depending on a Muslim’s ability to pay once they have counted a year since they last paid. 

America is home to over 3 million Muslims, and their cultural and religious needs are met through different charities and organisations. 

Indigenous people are one of the most disadvantaged groups in America due to the challenges they face in poverty, education, and healthcare. These people often are unemployed, cannot find work, and face health issues. Charities to help such people are so important. 

American Charities to Support

Across America, there are many charities you can support that are raising funds for and supporting different causes. You can see some of them listed below and some details about what they do.

Native American Heritage Association – provides food and other essential items to Native Americans in need. They provide clothes, toys, and other essentials, particularly for families who are struggling in the holiday season.  

American Indian Science and Engineering Society – provides more opportunities for Native Americans in STEM fields by offering scholarships to students. This allows more Native American students to gain access to further education that will benefit them in their careers. They have already helped hundreds of students and continue to offer scholarships in STEM. 

Native American Rights Fund – ensures all Native American Indians get their rights and challenge any laws that may be discriminatory or harmful to Native Americans. This charity breaks down stigmas and stereotypes of Native Americans. 

Native American Disability Law Center: Advancing Equality for Native Americans with Disabilities – this charity protects the legal and civil rights of disabled Native Americans. They do so by providing legal representation for these people in Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, and Colorado. Support their work here.

Peacekeeper Society – a non-profit charity in America that welcomes all. It offers drug and alcohol prevention programs, as well as places importance on suicide prevention. The work of this charity brings communities together and ensures drug and alcohol addicts are not left alone but instead are supported through difficult times. 

How to Help a Charity

Charity Rooted in Culture - Alvinology

The most common form of support for charities is in the financial form, but many don’t consider the other ways they can provide support. Many charities create merchandise such as T-shirts and mugs, and the proceeds go towards their charity. By buying these items or promoting them for them, you can support a charity in ways beyond financial support. 

Another way to support a charity is by volunteering for them. Charities are often looking for volunteers of all ages, whether they be students looking for work experience or elders who have some spare time on their hands! Charities can use your help with admin work, setting up events, promoting events and marketing for them, and much more! Volunteering is also a great way to meet new people and gain confidence. 

To further support charities, you can fundraise for them. Simply use a fundraising site to create a target and story and watch the donations roll in. This usually works best if you get sponsors as donations. For example, you might do a sponsored 5k run, a boat race or a read-a-thon! Whatever interests you! Just do your bit to help!

Find out how to support charities here. 

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