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How To Prepare A Complete Baby Room For Your First Child

Becoming a first-time parent comes with many questions on the best ways to prepare for a baby’s arrival, and one of the main things you will be tackling is organizing their room. Having a complete baby room can help provide your child with everything they need while also giving parents peace of mind knowing they have provided their newborn with all the essentials in safety, comfort, and style — from cribs to dressers, swaddling blankets to sound machines. 

1. Buy the right furniture

First and foremost, get the furniture your baby will need. A crib is essential for a safe and comfortable sleeping space, so make sure that it meets safety standards such as being JPMA certified. For example, you can find a 4moms coupon code for discounts on baby cribs. If you are tight on space, consider buying a convertible crib that can be adjusted to different heights as the baby grows older. The mattress should also fit snugly within the frame of the crib with no gaps larger than two finger widths between the mattress and frame for maximum security. 

2. Choose soft bedding

Make sure the bedding is soft and comfortable for your baby’s delicate skin. Choose materials like 100% cotton or bamboo, as they are easy to clean and will keep your baby warm without overheating them. Also, make sure that any blankets and sheets are free from any tags or seams that could irritate your new little one. Be aware of size when you buy – a too-large blanket can be a hazard in an infant’s room. If you have older children, consider buying secondary sets of linens for their rooms to prevent cross-contamination with the baby’s linen set. 

3. Set up a changing station

This is a must-have in any nursery, especially for newborns and infants. A changing station should be easily accessible yet out of the way, so as not to take up too much space or become an eyesore. Find a dresser with drawers that can serve as the foundation for your changing station, and add a comfortable changing pad on top. Place all of your baby supplies nearby — creams, diapers, wipes — so they’re always close at hand when you’re taking care of your little one’s needs. Alternatively, many parents opt for designated changing tables that come with shelves and baskets specifically designed to hold these items.

4. Get the right storage for keeping items tidy and organized

Invest in furniture with lots of drawers and shelves, so you can store extra blankets, stuffed animals, and all the other things that accumulate over time. Think vertically, too: Wall-mounted shelves, hanging bins, and hooks can all give you more storage options without taking up too much space. If you’re short on floor space, use tall furniture pieces like bookcases and armoires to maximize space. You might also want to get a dresser with a changing table. This is great for keeping all of your diapers, wipes, and other supplies in one place. 

5. Bring in decor and accessories

Don’t forget to add a few special touches to make the room complete! Hang some wall art, or frame your favorite photos. Add some throws and soft pillows for comfort. Place bookshelves for easy access to books and toys. And don’t forget about curtains—curtains are great for providing privacy, light control, and an extra layer of decorating fun! Choose curtains that compliment the rest of the room’s color scheme. Finally, add scented candles or potted plants to freshen up the air in the room. This will not only add a touch of decor, but it can also improve the overall ambiance of your baby’s room. 

6. Consider sound machines and nightlights

Having a white noise machine and/or nightlight in the baby’s room can help soothe them when they wake up during the night or just want some wind-down time before bed. White noise machines are especially helpful for babies who are startled easily by sudden noises, like dogs barking outside or loud neighbors. Nightlights come in handy if you ever have to get up during the night to check on your baby without having to turn on bright overhead lights and disturb their sleep. 

How To Prepare A Complete Baby Room For Your First Child - Alvinology

Creating a comfortable, functional baby room is an important part of preparing for your new bundle of joy. With careful planning and thoughtful decorating choices, you can create a beautiful space that fits all the needs of your little one! Remember to make safety a priority when setting up the nursery. If there’s anything you’re unsure about, talk to a professional or do further research to make sure everything is tip-top.

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