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Calling pest control in San Antonio: A guide for homeowners

The last thing you would want is to see pests crawling around in your San Antonio home. Insects, bugs, and rodents are every homeowner’s ultimate nightmare, and unfortunately, pests are not rare in Texas. Seasonal changes can trigger a series of concerns, and it is best to seek professional expertise for infestations. If you are looking for pest control solutions in San Antonio, you will find numerous options, and for your help, we have a guide below to help you make a choice.

Start with the response

A reliable pest control company will never delay answering your calls. Make sure that you don’t wait for more than a day for a service to respond to your call or email. By the time you see any kind of pest in your home, the actual situation is grimmer and needs immediate attention. The right company will ensure that an inspection is scheduled soon.

Ask the questions

When pest control professionals arrive at your home, you should ask a few relevant questions related to their work and the company’s profile. Here are a few to include in your questionnaire –

  1. How long have you been operational in San Antonio? Do you have an office?
  2. What kind of pests and insects do you deal with?
  3. Are you licensed and insured as a pest control company?
  4. Are all the workers on the payroll of the company? Are they trained and insured?
  5. What would be your recommendation for treatments?
  6. Will you share an estimate in advance?
  7. Do you offer any warranty or assurance on the pest control work?
  8. If the problem persists, what should I do?
  9. Do you adhere to all applicable industry standards?
  10. Do you follow the norms of Integrated Pest Management?

Get estimates

While you should insist on having an estimate, do not choose a pest control company because they are the cheapest in the business. Instead, focus on what you get for the price, and if a company is willing to give you a warranty and an annual contract for pest prevention, consider that option. Estimates also give you a fair idea of what’s included in the price. The most expensive service is not the best, but the cheapest one is probably not reliable either.

The sooner you call a pest control company, the better your chances of minimizing the damage and associated health risks. Check online to shortlist a few local options in San Antonio.

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