10 Tips for Success in meeting the right match for you this Dating Sunday on Tinder - Alvinology

10 Tips for Success in meeting the right match for you this Dating Sunday on Tinder

Dating Sunday marks one of the busiest days of the dating calendar year with 10% more singletons on Tinder than usual, 35% higher Swipe activity and over 30% more matches than on a regular day. Singletons that are full of new year resolutions jump onto Tinder in the hopes of meeting their match.

To make it easier than ever for you to put your best foot forward on the first big date of the year, Tinder is rolling out Relationship Goals, a new profile feature that lets you signal what you’re looking for. Whether you’re down for new friends, here for a fling, or want to cuff it, you now have more control over who you connect with by having more insight into a potential match’s intentions.

How Relationship Goals Works:

  • Tap into your profile settings to choose from six intent options:
    • Long-term partner
    • Long-Term, open to short
    • Short-term, open to long
    • Short-term fun
    • New friends
    • Still figuring it out
  • You’ll be able to see on the app what potential matches have been selected on your profiles and make better connections for all the right reasons
  • And, because Tinder knows things can change quickly, you will receive a prompt every week checking in that your Relationship Goals selections are still what you’re looking for

Relationship Goals will be available to all members before Dating Sunday. For better chances, here are Tinder’s Top 10 tips This Dating Sunday:

1. Set your Relationship Goals!

Being clear about what you’re looking for is very attractive. It also helps to avoid that awkward romance killer Q “So, what are you here for?” So whether you’re starting the year looking for a long term partner or just a friend, let potential matches know.

10 Tips for Success in meeting the right match for you this Dating Sunday on Tinder - Alvinology

2. Having a bio will get you better matches

Profiles with bios attract more matches. Avoid being immediately beige flagged by including a quick and witty statement that shows off the best of you, while also leaving them wanting more.

TINDER TIP: Try to stay away from the basic line: “Here for a good time, not a long time.” Trust us, it does not help your chances.

3. In search of…

No one has time to waste — select between 1-3 lifestyle tags to ensure you’re setting yourself up to make authentic connections with people who match your vibe.

4. Work hard, match more

Looking for someone who shares your school spirit? Maybe a creative looking for your muse? Adding your school and job title is a great way to find your potential ride or die, or in this case, narrow down on who might not be the best fit for you.

TINDER TIP: We know the urge to say you went to “School of Hard Knocks” is strong, but resist it. Your potential matches will thank you.

5. WYA?

Don’t leave potential matches guessing — set your location to meet people nearby, especially if a LDR isn’t something you’re into. And while we’re on the subject: We understand DTLA to Santa Monica is considered long-distance to some, so set your radius to meet people in your neighborhood or that next one over. And if you’re feeling international, expand your horizons with Tinder’s Passport feature to meet a cutie in Croatia (or literally anywhere on the globe).

10 Tips for Success in meeting the right match for you this Dating Sunday on Tinder - Alvinology

6. Four is the magic number

Your pics are a great way to show who you are, what you’re into, and get the convo started. We actually know that four is the perfect number of photos to have in your lineup. Also, make sure your first pic gives a clear view of your gorgeous face — that’s how you reel them in.

TINDER TIP: Give your profile some edge by connecting your IG, so new pics will automatically upload as you post them on your grid – work smarter, not harder.

7. Your interests are hot

Finding common ground is one of the easiest ways to hit it off with someone. Your interests are what make you unique, so lead with them to show your most authentic, real self and, in turn, match with people who are more likely to match your energy.

8. Unverified profiles are a red flag

Photo verify your profile to help your matches know you’re the real deal. Try to stick to matching with only verified profiles to avoid getting catfished.

TINDER TIP: Profiles with the blue check are more likely to receive more matches.

9. Music is the 6th love language

Can we all agree that music compatibility is crucial to a solid relationship? Make sure you connect with people who are on your wavelength by adding your song — your life’s soundtrack — to your profile via Spotify anthems. 

TINDER TIP: 40% of members between the ages of 18-25 have their anthem on their profile and experienced nearly a 10% increase in matches.

10. Flex your convo skills

The more active you are on the app, the more you’ll get shown and be seen by other members. There’s no adrenaline rush quite like matching and immediately starting a convo with someone who may or may not be your new crush, so don’t be afraid to message first. Chances are better that you’ll get a message back, as 75% of Gen Z members reply in 30 minutes or less.


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