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[Review] Herbalife Nutrition’s New Relaxation Tea

Herbalife Nutrition recently announced the launch of their new Relaxation Tea in Singapore.

Formulated with an herbal blend of lemon balm, chamomile, lavender, and passionflower, this tea is claimed to enhance relaxation and is targeted at those who are looking for a healthy way to unwind from stress.

According to the findings from Herbalife Nutrition’s Asia Pacific Health Inertia Survey 2021, the majority of consumers in Singapore felt their mental health was less than ideal, with key causes of mental deterioration being stress over work uncertainties, staying home more often due to movement restrictions, and the lack of social interactions. A recent study has also shown that Singapore employees feel they are at high risk of experiencing burnout this year.

“The Singapore workforce has the most de-energised employees across Asia due to stress over their work life. As a result, people are starting to look for solutions that can help them unwind from the stressors in their lives,” shared Jilson Ang, General Manager, Herbalife Nutrition Singapore. “Our Relaxation Tea aims to help stressed-out consumers unwind at any time of the day in a safe and healthy way. With its caffeine-free formula, Relaxation Tea is a refreshing remedy specially formulated with an herbal blend that calms the body and mind.”

As with all health and nutrition products, be sure to check the ingredients carefully yourself.

[Review] Herbalife Nutrition's New Relaxation Tea - Alvinology

The key ingredient of Relaxation Tea, lemon balm, has been used traditionally to help people cope with occasional stress, maintain a healthy mood, and support restful sleep.

The peppermint-flavored Relaxation Tea is easy to make in seconds and is:

  • Low in calories
  • Made with non-GM ingredients
  • Free from artificial flavors or colors
  • Gluten free

We tried it and find it rather refreshing, with light, minty, floral notes.

The tea comes in a powder form and one serving of tea requires a 1/4 teaspoon (~0.8g), adding up to around 60 cups of tea per pack.

Herbalife Relaxation Tea is priced US$57.50 for a 48g pack on the US website. Note that Herbalife products are sold exclusively through their Members in Singapore and are NOT available in stores. If you are interested to get it, you have to fill in the contact form on their official Singapore website.

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