[New in Punggol!] Sourdough café and retail space- Anna's - Alvinology

[New in Punggol!] Sourdough café and retail space- Anna’s

Hidden along the waterway of Punggol, Anna’s is a sourdough-focused cafe and retail space that serves nourishing, prebiotic-rich meals. Prebiotics are important for good gut health and sourdough bread has plenty of it.

This sourdough-theme concept is named after owner Anna Lim, who is also the founder of Singapore’s largest soup brand, The Soup Spoon.

[New in Punggol!] Sourdough café and retail space- Anna's - Alvinology
Anna Lim, founder of Anna’s

It’s the perfect space for health-conscious diners as well as sourdough fanatics! Anna’s 78 seater patio boasts hydroponic planters growing herbs that are used in the food and beverages. You’ll even be able to view the proofing room though the glass wall!

Going indoors, you’ll be greeted by the smell of freshly baked bread and a retail space that offers a range of grains and botanicals. Interested to learn more about prebiotics and baking with sourdough? Browse the array of recipe books on display—all from Anna’s personal collection.

Check out the plethora of sourdough-based dishes from pizza to ravioli and even bombolinis! 

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The Drips and Drops Diversity Board ($18) is a wholesome smorgasbord of cultured butters, beets and miso hummus and of course, sourdough! The slices of malted rye and crackers are great for holding the delicious spreads and toppings.


If you’re looking for an indulgence, Ravioli with Burnt Butter and Sage ($25) is a lovely choice. Filled with ricotta cheese, and glistening in cultured burnt butter, these are pockets of flavour. The herbs and nuts add a nice hint of fragrance to the dish as well!

A personal favourite, the Red Sea Prawn Aglio Olio ($32) has more asian-oriented flavours. The tangy chilli pesto packs a spicy punch, coating the house-made sourdough pasta. The succulent prawns add a nice touch of sweetness to the dish.


Margherita sourdough pizza ($24) has a base with over 10 botanicals and grains, making it extra nutritional! Paired with the flavourful tomato basil sauce, the house-made chilli pesto adds an extra kick to the pizza. Plus for crust “haters”, there’s a side of tantalising chicken gravy, which breathes new life into the crusts that tend to be left behind. All pizzas come with the gravy!

The Forest Forager Sourdough ($32) is a must-try. Made with the same base, it showcases the most scenic pizza you will ever see! Designed to look like the forest ground, the mix of mushrooms and truffle cheese sauce are covered with arugula. The mushrooms give that umami to the pizza and the hint of truffle fragrance enhances the dish.


The Sourdough Bombolini ($5.90) is made fresh daily and is filled with a tangy lemon and passion fruit crème patisserie. The zesty flavours are brought out with a coating of cinnamon and jaggery.

For an extra healthy dessert, try the Earl Grey Fig with Honey Loaf ($8)! Made with 100% wholegrain spelt and sourdough starter, it’s packed with wholesome ingredients. It has notes of earl grey and is sweetened with honey and figs.

More on Anna’s can be found on their Instagram here.


Address: 681 Punggol Dr., #01-04 Oasis Terraces, Singapore 820681

Mon-Thu 8.30am-5pm
Fri-Sun 8.30am-6pm

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