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In this year’s edition, the Singapore Week of Innovation and Technology (SWITCH) hosted by Enterprise Singapore, was held as a full in-person conference at Resorts World Convention Centre in Singapore from 25 to 28 October 2022. It features two components: the Year-Long Innovation Programme and Flagship Event.

SWITCH Flagship Event 2022

Following the Year-Long Innovation Programme, which has provided corporate programmes and year-round networking opportunities since July, the SWITCH Flagship Event featured a hybrid conference and exhibition that brings start-ups, SMEs, MNCs, investors, research institutes, multipliers, and government organizations together.

It also featured three curated tracks, including SWITCH Beyond, SWITCH Global, and SLINGSHOT 2022, showcasing exciting innovations and collaborative prospects.

SLINGSHOT 2022 is an exhilarating global pitching competition that amazed the audience as the top 50 global start-ups vied for the top prize during the grand finals.

The Grand Winner of SLINGSHOT 2022 received S$200,000 Start-up SG Grant, an additional S$50,000 Start-up SG Grant, and 18 months of rent-free space at Launchpad, courtesy of JTC.


K-STARTUP at SWITCH 2022 - Alvinology

Peter Ong | Chairman of Enterprise Singapore giving the opening remarks for the SLINGSHOT 2022 Grand Finals

SLINGSHOT 2022 graced the SWITCH Flagship Event. The intense deep tech start-up competition challenged 50 start-ups in five emerging domains to showcase their game-changing solutions and products at the SLINGSHOT Domain and Grand Finals. The top 50 start-ups were shortlisted from over 3,600 applicants across more than 150 countries. 

They were introduced to potential investors and corporate partners with whom they may co-pilot a project, as well as to business-specific offerings and the Singapore landscape, to help them understand clearly the viability of establishing and building their company in Singapore.

K-STARTUP Pavilion

The K-Startup Center Singapore is the first Korean start-up supporting platform established in Southeast Asia. It is operated by the Korea SMEs and Startups Agency (KOSME), which plays a vital role as a Launchpad for Korean SMEs and Start-ups incorporating into the start-up ecosystem in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

KISED (Korea Institute of Startup and Entrepreneurship Development) is a public institution under the Ministry of SMEs and Startups, and is responsible for startup promotion. KISED has already supported more than 60,000 startups since it was established in 2008.

The K-Startup Center Singapore and KISED both hosted and helped for the 20 Korean startups to be part of SWITCH 2022 and participate in SLINGSHOT 2022.

Both institutions were also there on K-STARTUP Demo Day, held on 26 October 2002, wherein each company had two minutes to pitch their idea to potential investors and corporate partners.

K-STARTUP at SWITCH 2022 - Alvinology

Participants of the K-STARTUP Pavilion

The 20 Korean start-ups that participated at K-STARTUP Pavilion are the following:

  • AimbeLAB
  • AIZEN Global
  • Barun Bio
  • CakepLabs
  • CESeL Primus
  • Coconut Silo
  • Doomoolmori
  • GoQba Technology
  • Lighters Company
  • Meissa
  • MicrobiotiX
  • Monnit Korea
  • Nuvilab
  • Quota Lab
  • RetiMark
  • Sunny Side Up
  • VideoMonster

Three of them advanced to the SLINGSHOT Top 50 as semifinalists, namely AimbeLAB, CakepLabs, and VideoMonster. CakepLabs and VideoMonster were under the domain of Consumer Media, Goods and Services, while AimbeLAB was under Environment, Energy and Green Technology.


K-STARTUP at SWITCH 2022 - Alvinology

Sein Kwon | Global Business Team Director of Aimbe LAB

Aimbelab Inc. provides a comprehensive and innovative livestock feed management data solution called Myfeed, which improves the feed monitoring, managing, ordering, logistics, inventory, delivery, and data utilization processes for livestock farms and feed companies.

It consists of Feed measuring IOT device (Feed Manager), Real-time feed-monitoring smartphone app (Myfeed), and Inventory and sales management ERP. The key benefits AimbeLAB offers to companies and farms include a 10-minute self-installable device, 1/4 the price of competitors’ solutions, and delivery, labor, and CO2 reduction.


K-STARTUP at SWITCH 2022 - Alvinology

Joohyun Oh (Peter Oh) | CEO of CakepLabs

Focusing on Financial Technology (Fintech) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) development, CakepLabs offers an app called Chaca Market, providing local service for neighborhoods 12 kilometers away, as well as community features, all for free.

They aim to deliver the easiest, fastest, safest, and highest quality solution for Fintech. About 250,000 users in 2,160 local villages in Indonesia are using Chaca Market. CakepLabs is also planning to open the app for other Southeast Asian countries in 2023. 


K-STARTUP at SWITCH 2022 - Alvinology

Taylor Joo | Global Team Leader of VideoMonster

VideoMonster offers ViiV, a one-tap AI Vlog Maker that allows users to create or edit videos efficiently. By simply taking some clips and clicking “ready to edit,” ViiV will produce a vlog in just one minute, which is 100 times faster than the manual process. This is an informative and creative way to create different video content.

The real-time location-tagging feature enables ViiV to simultaneously display detailed itineraries and spot information on vlogs synced with Google Maps. It can also be linked to online travel agencies, allowing users to make reservations directly through ViiV. Users can monetize their content as the stored raw clips will be channeled to the digital content marketplaces.

SLINGSHOT 2022’s Grand Winner

Peptobiotics has emerged as SLINGSHOT 2022’s Grand Winner. They re-engineered nature’s most innovative anti-pathogen defense systems for use as livestock health products. On the other hand, E3A Healthcare won the 1st Runner Up and Wasna as the 2nd Runner Up, respectively.

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