[Review] New gastro-bar around Chinatown with a seasonal tasting menu featuring lamb cooked in different ways: P&C X Meat and Livestock Australia - Alvinology

[Review] New gastro-bar around Chinatown with a seasonal tasting menu featuring lamb cooked in different ways: P&C X Meat and Livestock Australia

P&C is a newly opened 12 seater diner opened by Chef Peter Smit and Jay Gray. It is located within a quaint little space atop a shophouse. Walking into the cozy space, you’ll be greeted by an open kitchen and moody lighting, making for a more intimate dining experience.

In collaboration with Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA), P&C is part of an initiative to celebrate the best of Singapore’s food culture while making Aussie lamb more accessible and approachable for everyone.

Fun fact: P&C stands for punch and consequence.

The clever use of fresh produce and making the most of the ingredients is something I really appreciated throughout the whole six course meal ($128-200). It made the most of the different cuts of lamb and presented them in different styles.

The first course consisted of 3 different bite size starters. It was suggested that we ate it in the order of the potato, then the leaf wrap and lastly the crisp tart.

All of them were uniquely delicious but my personal favourite was the one in the crisp tart. The natural sweetness of prawns and the savoury caviar made for a fresh taste of the ocean. The textures were perfectly balanced as well, the crisp tart providing a contrast to the filling. 

The potato was an elevated classic. Potatoes are always a hit but this snack took it to a whole new level! The extra crisp exterior and soft interior with the creamy, tangy sour cream. It certainly was a delight for me!

Lastly, the leaf wrap. The briny flavour was the main part of this snack especially when it was also topped with caviar. I found this oddly refreshing considering it was after the creamy potato bite. The leaf wrap itself was extremely tender, so much so that there was no fibre texture at all.

The second course included a brioche bun, lamb fat, lamb ham and lamb paté. A simple melody of lamb and bread, this course really brought out the flavours of the meat. My favourite thing about this course was the pate with strong herby notes. It paired nicely with the fragrant lamb fat and fluffy brioche bun. 

Lamb ham is not something you would think of since chicken and pork ham are the most common. However, it actually was really good. Apart from the classic savoury ham flavours, the lamb taste is still rather prominent and together with the spread, it was perfect!

The third course was lamb tartare. With a refined presentation, it was already a feast for the eyes. Despite being lamb in its purest form, the gamey taste wasn’t too strong as it was balanced by the tangy cream and crispy bits. If you like tartare, this is definitely a reaosn to try.

My favourite was the fourth course- ravioli filled with lamb in a umami mushroom broth. The flavourful punch that the broth brought was extra refreshing and with the wholesome lamb filling, it was the highlight of this 6 course meal. I loved that the broth gave the filling an extra dimension and an extra depth.

The last of the savoury dishes and the most filling one, the fifth course is made up of lamb 3 ways. The rarest one being the lamb belly which is good for anyone who really loves lamb. My cup of tea was the shredded lamb, it was extremely tender and flavourful and gelled well with the garnish.

The lamb loaf was no short of flavour as well. This was the most reminiscent of lamb due to the stronger gamey flavour of the it. Overall, being the most meat centred, I felt that the garnish really tied this together with its tangy aspect. The ikura topped baked potato also provided an earthy and savoury contrast to the meat, bringing the flavours together.

Lastly, to end the exquisite dinner, was a whey made panna cotta topped with whiskey infused strawberries. The lightness of the dessert was a great way to close this course, the sweet strawberries and slight bitter tones from the alcohol. I loved that the whiskey used to infuse the strawberries was paired, making full use of the ingredients.

Overall, the dishes and their pairings were really balanced and presented lamb in many different lights, from rare to well done. The different aspects and versatility of lamb was well showcased in this 6 course meal. Even as someone who has little experience with lamb, this meal made me appreciate it a lot more. 

More about the collaborations and recipes can be found here and more on MLA can be found here.

More about P&C and their reservations can be found here.


Address: 98 Club St, Singapore 069467

Opening hours: Wednesday to Saturday

6pm to 10.30pm (Last seating at 10.30pm)

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