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Best Beaches for water activities in Andaman & Nicobar

Andaman and Nicobar Islands are a favourite spot among couples. With multiple islands and the most beautiful beaches, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, bring out the romantic in you. The flora and fauna and rich bio diversity of the islands are something to be marvelled at. You get the chance of taking a break from your busy life, to go on a vacation with your spouse, that takes you away from the society and brings you closer to the nature. 

The Islands have plenty of resorts to choose from and booking an Andaman and Nicobar honeymoon package at one of these resorts, would guarantee a vacation full of romance and luxury. With luscious greenery, white sand beaches and the beautiful turquoise coloured water of the sea, Andaman and Nicobar Islands are simply breathtaking. While you can just lay back, relax and marvel at the beauty surrounding you, there are plenty of water activities to keep the fun going and the islands also provide one of the best diving experiences in the world. However, with its numerous beaches, the choices can be overwhelming. 

So, to make things easier for your honeymoon planning, we have short-listed five best beaches for water activities that you can add in your Andaman and Nicobar Islands tour packages too.

  1. Radhanagar Beach

Radhanagar beach or beach number 7, is known as one of the most beautiful beaches in Asia and it ranks 7th on the list most beautiful beaches in the world. Radhanagar beach is famous for its combination of white sand and crystal-clear water, which provides a beautiful contrast to the luscious greenery you see on your way to the beach. The sunsets at Radhanagar beach are truly one of a kind. You can go scuba diving or snorkelling in the beautiful clean water and be a part of the marine life at the Havelock Island.

  1. Kala Pathar Beach

If you feel Radhanagar beach is too crowded for your taste, Kala Pathar beach is another paradise in Havelock.  The blue-turquoise water blending in with the magical white sand, gives you a sense of calm and peace and you can spend some quality time with your favourite person at this beach. With numerous water activities to choose from, you can explore the coral reef underwater with your other half, which would make the experience twice as magical.

  1. Elephant Beach

If you are looking forward to a day full of fun and adventure, Elephant beach is the place to go. Elephant beach is the most famous for water activities in Havelock and rightly so, as there are plenty of options available. You can go jet skiing, para sailing and snorkelling among many other things. To reach the Elephant Beach, you can either trek with a guide, for about 2 kms, through the beautiful jungle or you can take a boat from Havelock Jetty, for a faster and easier way. Whichever route you choose to get to the beach, the fun is limitless and would leave you wanting to come back for more.

  1. Sandbar Beach

Sandbar beach is a 2.8 km long sandbank, that connects the Ross Island and Smith Island, the twin islands of Andaman. Sandbar beach is a couple’s paradise and the white sand blending in with the crystal-clear water can leave you awestruck. A day spent at Sandbar beach is a day well spent. You can sunbathe under the blue sky or go for a swim or snorkelling in the clean, fresh water or relax at the park. And if you get lucky, you might even find some turtles on this little piece of heaven on Earth.

  1. Chidiya Tapu Beach

Chidiya Tapu beach is located at the southernmost tip of the South Andaman Island. Chidiya Tapu, which literally translates to Bird Island, is most famous for bird watching and its surreal sunsets. Chidiya Tapu is a secluded beach which is popular among couples. Although swimming is not allowed here due to crocodiles, you might still want to take your spouse to this mesmerising place and together, witness nature at its best. The scenic beauty of this place makes it a perfect backdrop for your photos. And there is also a mini zoo at Chidiya Tapu which you might want to visit. 

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