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A Beginner’s Guide To Eco-Friendly Camping Equipment: The Essentials Worth Investing In

Outdoorsy types can show the environment some love by ensuring their camping equipment is eco-friendly. Campers should always respect natural spaces such as lakeshores, forests, and campgrounds by leaving the space as beautiful as they found it. This planet-friendly camping gear can help you maintain the environment while you’re taking your hike or camping trip.

Best eco-friendly camping gear 

Whether you’re an experienced camper or camping for the first time, these eco-friendly camping essentials are worth the investment. 

Reusable stainless steel water bottles 

Stainless steel water bottles are a must for camping since they’ll keep you hydrated and reduce the use of plastic water bottles. These bottles work great even outside the woods, so you may want to buy a few extra stainless steel water bottles to take to the gym or the office. 

Sustainably made tent 

One of the first steps to preparing for eco-friendly camping is finding a quality tent from a company committed to sustainability. A durable tent is better for the environment because it will last season after season instead of winding up in a landfill after one trip.

Survival knives 

Having a well-made knife for camping, survival, and cooking is essential. Look for one with a tang that runs the length of the handle, as it will last longer and stand up to heavy use.  

Eco-friendly personal care 

Ditch the idea of carrying travel-sized bottles of body wash, shampoo, and conditioner when camping. Those only make plastic waste. Instead, invest in a cleanser bar for multiple uses. You might like it so much that you’ll use shampoo and conditioner bars at home, too.  

Solar lights 

Instead of burning through batteries to keep your campsite lit at night, invest in solar-powered lanterns and lights. Not only will you keep batteries from adding to waste problems, but you won’t have to worry about dead batteries since the sun will power your lights during the day.  

Solar cookers 

The ultimate way to enjoy campground cooking without environmental impact is to use a solar cooker. Beef stew, omelets, chicken, beans, and rice are just a few of the tasty camp fare you can make with a solar cooker or solar grill. Try solar-powered cookers at home, so when you take one camping, you’ll be a skilled solar chef. 

Stainless steel place settings 

Eco-friendly campers should avoid creating trash while camping. This waste includes disposable plastic cutlery, plastic cups, and paper plates. Dining sets that include stainless steel cups, bowls, plates, forks, knives, and spoons can last decades with proper care and storage. 

These dining sets are lightweight, store easily, and keep mountains of paper plates and other trash out of our national parks and campgrounds. 

Flint fire starter 

Campfires and grilling can be controversial since they burn wood or charcoal for fuel and could spark wildfires if handled carelessly. Don’t use lighter fluid if you plan to grill or have a campfire. Instead, invest in flint fire starters. Ensure there are no burn bans in effect where you are camping before you depart. 

Wrap up

If we want to see all the beauty the world offers, then it is our responsibility to keep it beautiful and avoid using harmful products. It is imperative to think about the products we use and their environmental impact. These products are just the beginning of the changes you can make toward a greener camping experience.

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