[Review] mazzO Restaurant & Bar at Club Street - Alvinology

[Review] mazzO Restaurant & Bar at Club Street

Tucked along 54 & 56 Club Street, you won’t miss mazzO when you walk by the restaurant and bar, with many regulars popping in and out, enjoying themselves with good food, drinks and friendly banters (all while observing the current safe distancing measures of course).

MazzO is manned by a pair of warm and caring hosts, Patrick and Sebastian, always ready with friendly smiles, hearty conversations and thoughtful food and drink recommendations to satisfy. Whether you are looking for a romantic evening or a night to let loose and relax, they will see to it that you have the perfect experience in mazzO.

[Review] mazzO Restaurant & Bar at Club Street - Alvinology

We were invited for a dinner tasting and was surprised by the family vibe when we got there. It almost felt as if we were crashing an initimate family gathering as many of the patrons seem to be regulars who are very much at-home at mazzO.

The restaurant’s specialty is Italian food, featuring a selection of chargrilled meat dishes, alongside a variety of sharing platters, homemade pastas, and 48-hour fermented pizzas. These are recommended to be paired with a wide variety of premium wines from Italy and across the world, as well as sakes, whiskies and cocktails.

Amidst the merry-making and rambunctious, almost Christmas-like atmosphere in mazzO, we sampled the following dishes:

[Review] mazzO Restaurant & Bar at Club Street - Alvinology
Antipasti (Chef’s Recommendation; sharing for 2) ($39)
[Review] mazzO Restaurant & Bar at Club Street - Alvinology
Crab Meat Pasta ($28)
[Review] mazzO Restaurant & Bar at Club Street - Alvinology
Octopus Leg ($34)

48-hour Fermented Thin-Crust Pizza

[Review] mazzO Restaurant & Bar at Club Street - Alvinology
Half plate each of mazzO Pizza ($28) and Four Cheese Pizza ($27)

One of the key highlights at mazzO is their fermented thin-crust pizza, something not commonly found in other pizza speciality restaurants in Singapore.

Honouring pizza-making traditions from the Italian city of Naples, also known as the modern birthplace of pizza, mazzO ferments the dough used in making their pizzas for over 48 hours, to give a better taste and texture. The process creates larger and more air pockets in the dough, resulting in a lighter, airy crust when baked.

When you bite into their pizza, you can taste the quality difference immediately and will want more of it.

[Review] mazzO Restaurant & Bar at Club Street - Alvinology
Tiramisu ($12)
[Review] mazzO Restaurant & Bar at Club Street - Alvinology
Nutella Cheesecake ($12)

The main draw of mazzO is really the strong, family-like ambience where you will feel like you are dining out with a bunch of friends and a pair of awesome dinner hosts. The restaurant serves a variety of unpretentious comfort food which you can enjoy with your friends and family while knocking back a drink or two.

When we were there, I observed a few birthday tables and it seems like a popular venue for small-group, intimate celebrations.

mazzO Restaurant & Bar

54 & 56 Club St, Singapore 069432
Open Mon to Sat: 3PM – 10.30PM

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