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10 Incredible Christmas Hamper Gifts for This Festive Season

Thinking of what type of Christmas hampers to give your close ones? Read this article for useful tips on giving the perfect ones this year.

Christmas is one of the most anticipated holidays around the globe. With the jingling bells right around the corner, it is time to start thinking of the perfect Christmas hampers for your dearest ones. Christmas hampers are generous gifts that keep on giving.

Sending packages filled with scrumptious treats to people you care about is a great way to celebrate the festive season. There are so many options available that one might get overwhelmed and confused in deciding which one to get. 

To make it easier for you, this article will discuss some creative Christmas hamper ideas to gift your family and friends.

Festive Hampers

Everyone has that person in their life who loves to celebrate and enjoys all the Christmas festivities. The perfect hamper for this type of person is a Christmas hamper brimming with indulgences that perfectly represent the festive spirit.

Besides, this is the only occasion where you can treat your close ones with delectable Christmas treats. These festive-themed hampers are also ideal for people who are homesick and away from their families. They would surely feel included and loved with your thoughtful gesture of a Christmas hamper.

Just keep their preferences in mind before you order Christmas hampers. You can include numerous holiday special chocolates, cookies, and mince pies in the hamper. The basket can also be filled with delicious festive foods like Christmas puddings, fruit mince tarts, Rocky Road slices, etc.

If you want to make your hamper a bit luxurious, you can add a bottle of Pinot Noir or caviar. Roasted nuts, like macadamia, and loaves of artisanal bread imprinted with intricate design on top can be great additions as well. It is also a great idea to treat your dearest ones with various types of shortbreads, decadent caramel fudges, savoury cheese crackers and other celebratory treats.

A Basket of Sweet Joy

There are many Christmas hampers available that are filled with indulgent sweets and various desserts. The best part of sweet treats is that both grown-ups and children love eating them. Pamper your loved ones who have a sweet tooth with freshly baked biscuits, gorgeous chocolate truffles, and much more.

A wide range of chocolates is available. Moreover, they are much more versatile and suitable for any kind of celebration. Hence, chocolate hampers are often deemed the most popular and safest option. Chocolate hampers are perfect for your fellow chocolate lovers. Many suppliers offer chocolate hampers with different price tags.

Hampers that are lower priced usually have branded hot cocoa mix, popular chocolate bars, chocolate biscuits like Tim Tams, and chocolate-covered fruits. Higher priced hampers most likely include high-quality Swiss chocolate bars embedded with dried fruits and roasted nuts. 

Besides artisanal chocolate bars, some also have liqueur chocolates, and macadamia nuts coated with milk chocolate. The whole hamper is tied together with an exquisite bottle of wine. Some hamper companies also have the option of you personalising the contents of the hamper. This means you can decide what delectable products to add to the Christmas hampers they have in store.

You can pair the chocolates with nut brittles, chocolate covered pretzels, buttery shortbread, and many other compatible yummy pairings. If you have the means to, you can make your chocolate hamper.

You can fill the hamper with delicious sweet treats made at home. For instance, you can make simple yet very rich chocolate fudge. The silky texture and the rich creaminess make the fudge taste heavenly. The main ingredients of this decadent sweet are chocolate and condensed milk. To add more contrasting textures, you can add digestive biscuits and marshmallows. This will transform the simple chocolate fudge into the Aussie favourite, Rocky Road fudge. For a Christmas vibe, you can add glazed cherries, dried cranberries and thinly sliced almonds.

The fudges can also be covered in desiccated coconut, biscuit crumbs, or sprinkles. Not only will this make the treat look more appetising, but it will also enhance the flavour profile. The fudge slab can be cut into either bars or squares. You can wrap the fudges in cling film and cover them with festive wrapping papers. Alternatively, you can also tuck them in quaint boxes and tie them with a charming ribbon.

Settling with only the chocolate theme is not necessary. You can also include other types of desserts like seasonal fruit tarts, lemon meringue pie, caramel-filled cookies, lemon bars, and many more. To simplify your decision and also ensure the recipient likes it, try to find out their preferences. According to their taste and favourite sweets, include the relevant goodies in the hamper.

Cheese Lover’s Dream Basket

Many people love cheese and can not imagine life without it. Pamper the cheese lovers in your life with a Christmas hamper brimming with a delicious assortment of different cheeses accompanied with complementary pairings.

A wide range of aged cheeses can be added to the hamper. You can include delectable soft cheeses like Duet and McLaren. Hailing from Woodside in South Australia, Duet is a brie styled cheese that is made from a concoction of pasteurised cow’s and goat’s milk. It has a soft and creamy texture beneath its distinctive bloomy rind. It has a notable acidic and milky flavour with a mild aroma. You can pair this cheese with fresh fruits like pears and well-baked bread. McLaren is raved by Aussies for its rich texture and tantalising aromas. Its smooth and creamy texture is elevated by its remarkable mushroom notes.

Do not forget to add semi-hard cheeses like Mandolin and Black Pearl. Mandolin is made from pasteurised cow’s milk and by fermenting the curds covered in vines. The vine develops the noteworthy rusty red crust. The flavours of this cheese have herbal and grassy notes. They are praised for their soft and crumbly textures.

Black Pearl is known for its wrinkly rind that has been dusted with vine ash. Contrary to its exteriors, the inside is white and has an incredibly silky texture. The flavours are sweet and much less intense than the other goat cheeses. These flavours become more robust as the cheese ages.

You can be a bit adventurous with the selection of cheese when the recipient has an acquired taste and claims to be a cheese connoisseur. A selection of premium blue cheeses can impress them. Gippsland Blue is a great choice and is prepared in gorgonzola style. It is made from cow’s milk that has been matured in underground cellars for around 10 weeks.  It has strong pungent aromas that complement its creamy texture. Experts praise its complex sharp flavours and recommend having them in salads.

Pair the assortment of cheeses with suitable snacks like pretzels and crunchy crackers. Fruits such as grapes, apples, berries, pears, and figs are great additions. You can also throw in an elegant bottle of wine. The fruity and oaky notes of wine will elevate the cheese-eating experience. Ciabatta and sourdough bread can be commendable pairings as well.

Dried fruits and nuts are also suitable accompaniments. If you are making your cheese hamper then you can also make your DIY cheese platter and surprise the recipient. You can also make your crackers and homemade piccalilli. To make the gift more special, you can put in a charcuterie board with a set of cheese knives and forks.

Adding piquant spreads and chutneys can make the hamper more versatile. You can make the gift more wholesome and hearty by also including premium cured meats. The cheese fanciers in your life will surely love having such bountiful hampers filled with scrumptious cheese and accompaniments. They will surely appreciate the thoughtful effort and the fact that you know what they like.

Hamper of Boozy Affairs

Christmas parties are more fun when there is alcohol involved. Numerous people love celebrating the holidays with various kinds of booze. For the wine connoisseurs in your circle of friends, you can give some lovely bottles of wine like Sauvignon and Shiraz. The fruity alcohol beverage can be paired with snacks like roasted nuts, beef pies, and lamingtons. Fruits like figs and grapes are commendable accompaniments as well. 

If you intend to make the hamper more luxurious, you can add caviar, premium chocolates, pralines, and artisanal cheese. If you are making your booze hampers, you can make a mulled wine with spices at home. 

For those who love cracking open a cold can of beer, you can get them hampers filled with handcrafted beers paired with complementing snacks like curried nuts, high-quality potato crisps, and even Vegemite. To liven the festive spirit, you can also add spirits like gin and vodka.

You can add refreshing cordials and flavoured syrups to the hamper too. Such additions make the best cocktails. You can consider making fruit-infused spirits, syrups, or cordials. Label your homemade concoctions with charming notes and gift them in delightful mason jars or glass bottles. 

Final Words

Christmas hampers are thoughtful and generous gifts that perfectly represent the specialness of this special holiday. According to their tastes and preferences, pamper your dearest ones with impressive Christmas hampers.

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