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Anniversary Flowers: What Flowers to Give on Each Wedding Anniversary?

Every wedding anniversary holds a significant meaning in its way. And just the way every year you spend together with your significant other and create some unforgettable memories adding more meaning to your marriage, every flower signifies the number of years you have spent together. Even though every flower is perfect for every occasion, certain flowers are more apt for anniversaries for different years. While the first anniversary calls for grand celebrations, the following ones are more about acknowledging the bond of a couple of shares. Look for online flower delivery in Abu Dhabi?

Gifting wedding anniversary flowers should be a moment of romance, expression of love, and celebration of togetherness. That’s why to choose a flower that fits which anniversary you are celebrating. In this article, we tell you about the flowers according to the number of years you have spent together. 

1st-anniversary flowers – Carnations

Carnations have been long associated with the first anniversary celebrations as they represent young and passionate love. First anniversaries are mostly about the passion and freshness of the first year’s association, and no other flower symbolizes this newness than carnations.

2nd-anniversary flowers – Cosmos

From the intense passion on the first anniversary to a better understanding of each other, second anniversaries are all about settlement and calmness, which the cosmos represents. Symbolizing powerful love, cosmos are beautiful options to gift your better half on your second anniversary. 

5th-anniversary flowers – Daisies

By the time you celebrate your fifth anniversary, you have already developed a deep understanding of each and know the person you married a little better. And this is what daisies are all about. Their tender structure represents growth and their beautiful petals symbolize strength. 

10th-anniversary flowers – Daffodils

Daffodils are one of the perfect wedding anniversary flowers of all time. Be it a single daffodil or a bunch of these beautiful blooms. They are ideal for the tenth year of togetherness. Celebrating a decade of togetherness means you have created some beautiful memories over the years that you will cherish for the rest of your life. Add more beauty to this beautiful occasion by gifting your partner a beautiful bouquet of daffodils. 

15th-anniversary flowers – Roses

This universal symbol of love makes women go weak in their knees and when it comes to matters of the heart, roses never fail to impress. Perfect for the fifteenth anniversary, roses can be gifted as a stem, a bunch, or a bouquet of flowers. Add a little bit of romance in your marriage with roses and show your passion with these lovely reds to reignite the spark in your married life.

20th-anniversary flowers – Asters

The word aster is derived from Greek mythology that means star. That’s why it is apt for the 20th anniversary. You are already a star as you have spent twenty meaningful years with each other and there cannot be any better way to celebrate this milestone with beautiful asters. Their soothing colours and lovely shape will surely bring a smile to your partner’s face. 

25th-anniversary flowers – Iris

Iris are associated with royalty and there is no better occasion to tell your spouse that they are still a royal part of your life than your silver anniversary. By the time you celebrate your silver anniversary, you have seen enough ups and downs in life, seen each other develop into a different person, and created a life around yourself that is full of love and warmth. These beautiful flowers are a symbol of all these expressions of love. 

30th-anniversary flowers – Lilies

Lilies are one of the most popular happy anniversary flowers. They are visually appealing, tender, soothing to the mind, and never fail to express your undying love for your spouse. And this is what you want to show on your 30th anniversary. Three decades of togetherness is an achievement in itself. Marriage is all about growing together and these flowers celebrate love and growth. Their ethereal beauty is all about the long-lasting lifetime of love and affection. 

40th-anniversary flowers – Gladioli

Gladioli are unique as they can fill up a room with a positive vibe. Their charm and elegance make them perfect flowers for wedding anniversaries. By now, you both have become more graceful and elegant in life and these flowers symbolize just that. 

50th-anniversary flowers – Yellow roses and violets

Rarely, two people who vowed to be together in love fifty years back continue to celebrate their bond. Spending fifty long years of love and compassion for each other makes your 50th anniversary a milestone only a few get to celebrate together. Almost half a century of togetherness demands extra special celebrations, and yellow roses and violets are perfect for this momentous occasion in your life. A combination of yellow roses and violets works like magic, just like your marriage has. And nothing can celebrate this special occasion other than these two beautiful blooms. 

Flowers are quintessentially made for celebrating love and togetherness. Their presence will surely make your anniversary more beautiful. Gifting flowers bouquets for an anniversary is almost like a tradition, and any celebration without some beautiful blooms is incomplete. That’s why you must choose Beato Fiore to curate a memorable anniversary bouquet for your wedding anniversary. The team of florists at Beato understands the significance of anniversaries, and they ensure that each anniversary bouquet is made with handpicked flowers and a lot of love. 

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