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Why Singapore Is Conducive to Quality and Positive Educational Experiences

While many professionals migrate to Singapore in search of better career opportunities, there are also many students who have relocated to the country in order to acquire world-class education. It’s a well-known fact that some of the best universities in the Southeast Asian region are found in the Lion City, so many undergraduate and graduate students are choosing to continue their education in the country.

Singapore residents not only have access to excellent options for tertiary and graduate studies, but they also benefit from having a strong foundational education system. The methodologies used to educate learners in the country have proven to be quite effective in empowering students to master academic skills, so much so that many renowned primary and secondary education providers in different parts of the world have adopted the same strategies in their learning institutions. A good number of schools here offer their students the opportunity to earn academic credentials that are recognised in different countries and educational systems. The best IB school in Singapore, for example, doesn’t just provide a means for their students to earn International Baccalaureate diplomas; it also offers Advanced Placement (AP) courses and options for taking Business & Technical Education Council (BTEC) courses. 

In addition to having better access to quality education, students who study in Singapore can expect to acquire a few things during their stay in the country. These include:

Singapore Schools Promote Healthy Competition among Students

It’s no secret that the educational system in Singapore is highly competitive. The country consistently tops global rankings in international education, and many intergovernmental and economic organisations recognise how Singapore’s investment in improving the capabilities of its residents have contributed to its continued economic growth.

This is reflected in the country’s education system, and there’s quite a bit of pressure among students to perform well in national exams and assessments, or those that are overseen by international educational institutions. To prepare for these exams, learners are encouraged early on to develop study habits that will allow them to keep up with their peers and understand the practical applications of the lessons presented to them. Studying in Singapore, then, puts the student in a learning environment where everyone around them is eager to improve their performance. Being surrounded by driven individuals encourages students to exert their best effort and pursue new challenges in their academic journey. 

There Are Numerous Opportunities to Get Involved in Co-Curricular Activities (CCA)

While academic performance is a high priority among students, this doesn’t mean that they spend the entire day buried in books. Holistic development is valued in Singapore. Here, it’s easy to find school- and community-based clubs and organizations that cater to a wide variety of activities and interests, such as sports, performance and arts, practical skills, technology, and even e-sports and supplementary academic work. Students who are keen on trying new activities and acquiring new experiences are sure to find a welcoming community that will help them foster their co-curricular interests and hobbies.

Diversity Is Celebrated; Appreciation for Different Cultures Is a National Trait

Outside the school setting, it’s common to see different cultures and backgrounds coming together in public and commercial spaces. Multiculturalism is not only apparent in the community and the country’s history; it’s also a topic that’s heavily discussed and practiced in the classroom. Singapore celebrates the unique historical and cultural influences that continue to shape the lives of its citizens and residents, and the instructional system that schools here abide by supports a range of cultural orientations while promoting collective values. Early on, learners are encouraged to celebrate their culture while showing respect and deep appreciation for practices and values that might be different from what they’re used to.

Students Can Take Advantage of a Safe, Efficient, and Integrated Urban Environment

Compared to even other developed nations, Singapore has a lower crime rate and better-designed public transportation system. Living in the city gives students every chance they need to safely explore unfamiliar spaces and figure out transportation routes on their own. In addition, Singapore is also a poster child of a well-designed city. Even if a student were to live alone for the first time, it wouldn’t  be difficult for them to navigate the different areas of their community and to access essential facilities such as groceries, hospitals, schools, hawker centers, and parks. Often just a few minutes’ walk or a short bike ride away from their homes, these public and commercial spaces allow people to interact as a community and foster friendships with other like-minded individuals.

Living in Singapore allows students easy access to quality education, but more than that, staying in the country for a few years can help a young person widen their horizons and foster better appreciation for different cultures and how everyone can work together to build thriving communities. Acquiring a broader perspective and developing good work habits at this point in their lives will enable these young people to excel no matter where they choose to put down roots in the future.

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