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Some BTS ARMY mad that non-fans buy the BTS meal, while one fan blends nuggets and fries into ice cream

Unless you live under a rock, you have probably seen the latest collaboration between international K-Pop boy group BTS and McDonald’s. The BTS meal, which featured exclusive packaging and two special sauces for a very large nuggets and fries meal, was released in Singapore and other parts of Southeast Asia this week.

This was the first K-pop music group collaboration with the international fast food chain, following meals from Travis Scott and J. Balvin. This harkened back to the original Michael Jordan’s McJordan Special.

Fans and non-fans could not escape the drama the meal caused.

Blend it all and make it into ice cream–chicken, drinks, and all

Super rich Indonesian BTS fan Sisca Kohl featured a TikTok video with 40 complete BTS meals spread out on her dining table. If that wasn’t enough, she then proceeded to use a blender to reduce the meal to slush.

She added the nuggets, the soda, and the fries to the blender until it turned to mush, then strained out the liquid. After that she and her sister added it to ice cream mixture and put it through a soft serve ice cream machine. They added purple dye to match the BTS packaging.

They also made the two sauces into another flavor, and churned it in the ice cream machine separately.

Sisca and her sister, who seemed to be from a very affluent family, enjoyed the transformed BTS meal. They ate it with your usual soft serve cone.

So all we need to get that BTS dessert is to blend everything and have an ice cream machine at home, right? So easy!

Some BTS fans ask non-fans to stop buying the meals

Count on any fandom to have its toxic eggs and weird opinions on the most mundane things, but some ARMY (what BTS fans call themselves) have pushed back against the popularity of the BTS meal. Some people on Instagram have stated that they wish people would not buy the meals, to let the ‘rea’ fans who usually could not afford any BTS merchandise have a chance to experience owning an item from their fandom.

As irrational as that may seem.

Free BTS meals for Changi Airport workers

Thanks to how popular BTS and its members are, it wouldn’t be a surprise if every single place in Singapore has an ARMY there.

McDonald’s Singapore announced that it had given 2,000 BTS meals to Changi Airport workers. The meals were distributed to workers in Zone 1, who were exposed to most travelers at several points and had the highest risk out of all the workers at the airport.

Zone 1 of the airport is deemed to be the highest-risk zone, as it includes the terminal piers, arrival immigration halls, and baggage claim areas.

What’s in the BTS meal anyway?

In case you were wondering what the world was in thrall over for the past few days, the contents of the BTS meal from McDonald’s was:

For S$8.90, the BTS meal includes a 9-piece chicken McNuggets box, large fries, large coke, and two new limited-time sauces: cajun and sweet chili. The sauces were said to be inspired from the South Korean McDonald’s menu.

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