[Review] Father-son CHU Collagen #stayHome Hotpot - Alvinology

[Review] Father-son CHU Collagen #stayHome Hotpot


I am not much of a cook and neither is Asher. With the current Phase 2 (heightened alert) restrictions, we are confined to buying takeaways or preparing simple meals at home with minimal cooking required. For the latter, we are constantly challenged on how to prepare a fast, simple, healthy, yet delicious meal. Recently, we discovered CHU Collagen – a premium ready-made chicken collagen soup brand that meets these criteria.

[Review] Father-son CHU Collagen #stayHome Hotpot - Alvinology
All the good stuff that are going into our father-son CHU Collagen Hotpot

Over the weekend, Asher and I prepared and enjoyed our own father-son hotpot meal with a packet of CHU Collagen’s Premium Chicken Collagen Soup, together with ingredients like tofu, brown rice noodle, eggs, shabu shabu pork, sweet potato, mushroom and vegetables from the local NTUC FairPrice supermarket.

Cut open and dump in the content of the CHU Collagen soup into the hotpot
Cut open and dump in the content of the CHU Collagen soup into the hotpot

The preparation is really easy. Simply empty the content of the chicken collagen soup into a hotpot, heat it to boiling temperature and just dump the other stuff in to cook and eat.

Heat up the hotpot
Heat up the hotpot

Asher had fun helping me to wash, cut and plate the ingredients. When kids get to prepare their own meal, no matter how simple it may be, they are more likely to eat them all and find them more tasty. This is true for Asher. He is a slow, fussy eater, but when he cooks his own food in the hotpot, I find that I can get him to eat more. Not to mention that the collagen soup is really quite yummy.

Ready to cok and eat!
Ready to cook and eat!

Double boiled for 8 hours to perfection, CHU Collagen’s premium chicken soup is thick, creamy and rich in flavour. The soup is healthy too – it is trans fat free, sugar free and has no added preservatives, additives or artificial flavourings.

Simple , healthy and easy to cook, Asher and I stocked up on our CHU Collagen soup so we can enjoy more meal time together, enjoying our own home-cooked food.

[Review] Father-son CHU Collagen #stayHome Hotpot - Alvinology

Three flavours are available – Premium Chicken Collagen Soup, Premium Prawn Mee Soup and Premium Laksa Soup. They are now retailing exclusively at NTUC FairPrice Finest and are also available for online orders via the official website.

Prices range from S$40 to S$50 for a bundle of a 1-litre bundle of 4 packs. Each pack serves one to two pax.

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