'Snatch my girlfriend, chop you to death.' Man uses chopper on ex-lover's new beau - Alvinology

‘Snatch my girlfriend, chop you to death.’ Man uses chopper on ex-lover’s new beau

39-year-old Cheng Hui Sang slashed his ex-girlfriend’s new beau and her sister in a blind rage on August 28, 2020. He was sentenced to a year in jail on March 5, said The Straits Times.

Cheng pleaded guilty to one charge of voluntarily causing grievous hurt with a chopper and another charge of voluntarily causing hurt with the same weapon. A third charge of criminal intimidation was considered in sentencing.

Hui was reported to be a Malaysian and Singaporean permanent resident.

'Snatch my girlfriend, chop you to death.' Man uses chopper on ex-lover's new beau - Alvinology

What happened to Cheng and his ex-girlfriend?

Cheng and his 36-year-old Malaysian girlfriend reportedly lived together in a flat in Ang Mo Kio. They slept together in the same room during that time.

However, the couple broke up in November 2018, with the woman instigating the split. They still lived together in the same flat, but the woman’s sister came to live with her and slept in the same room.

In August of 2020, though, things changed when the woman brought a Malaysian man to their flat. The 36-year-old man was her new boyfriend.

At first, Cheng was unaware that another man was in the flat with them, but noticed something different when his ex-girlfriend fetched the man’s slippers and put them at the main door. Cheng then drank a can of beer, then threw the man’s slippers into the washing machine.

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As Cheng grew angrier and downed more beer, he took a chopper from the kitchen and placed it on the living room sofa. He waited until his former girlfriend came out of the bedroom. At that point, he confronted her.

A terrible argument ensued, which escalated into screaming and shouting. The woman wanted to disengage and return to the room, but that sent Cheng into a further rage.

He blocked her way to the room, and charged there himself, where he began to blindly slash and wave the knife around. Cheng was shouting at the man and using the chopper on a person he couldn’t see. For his efforts, the victim got his upper torso slashed. His ex’s sister was also in the room, and was woken up by the commotion.

Upon seeing the violence her sister’s former lover and flatmate was inflicting, the woman tried to step between the two men. For her trouble, she received a grievous wound. He did not stop even when she told him to, and did not care if he injured her as well.

'Snatch my girlfriend, chop you to death.' Man uses chopper on ex-lover's new beau - Alvinology

While Cheng was slashing both victims, he said, “Snatch my girlfriend, chop you to death.” in Cantonese.

Cheng only stopped when someone physically restrained him.

Injuries to the woman’s boyfriend and her sister

The same report said, “The sister of Cheng’s ex-girlfriend sustained a long and deep 6cm laceration exposing the muscle of her forearm. She was given 42 days of hospitalisation leave.”

The prosecution had pushed for a jail term while the defence wanted a probation for Cheng’s sentence. The judge, however, said that the accused had no mitigating factors or remorse over the events. Cheng’s feelings of jealousy and rage overcame him, and he seriously harmed other people.

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