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Small Duffle Bags

A small duffle bag can come in handy when you do not want to carry big luggage on your trip. You can even use it as a carry-on as long as it complies with the airline’s requirements for carry-on items. When choosing a sizeable duffle bag for travel, you do not need to focus only on the size.  Focus on other things like partitioning. Do not go for a gym or sports duffle bag that does not have organizational components. It is good to go for a duffle bag specially designed for travel, structured for easy packing of items, and cross-body straps to enable you to carry it handsfree. 

How to Pack Your Travel Duffle Bag

After selecting the right duffle bag for your trip, the other crucial part is packing. Remember to avoid a roller duffle bag because it is heavier than most regular duffle bags. Keeping it lighter will be useful, especially if you have to abide by strict guidelines on your luggage’s weight. A standard packing format may be as follows:


The best thing to do is to roll clothes and use packing cubes. Unlike suitcases and backpacks, it is not easy to see everything you have in your duffle bag. Packing cubes will help you have some order. Use a packing cube that is easy to see into, then roll your clothes and stand them up. It will allow you to see everything that is in a particular tube.  You can use multiple cubes for easy categorization. Once you have your packing cubes well arranged, put them in the duffle bag first so that they can form a base. 


Your laptop and tablet are valuable devices that need extra care. Keep the laptop or tablet in a dedicated sleeve, usually an outside pocket. If your duffle bag has an ouside sleeve, place your laptop In it. Because the laptop charger is also important, you need to keep it safe. The outside sleeve is also the ideal place for the laptop. In case your duffle bag does not have an outer pocket, put your laptop in another sleeve and place it in your duffle bag on top of your clothes. The move is safe as it will prevent damage to the laptop if you toss your duffle bag on the floor (as a result of exhaustion) when you finally reach your destination.


All your paperwork should be in an outside pocket. Paperwork may include passports, notebooks, tickets, and many others. The outer pocket will make it easy for you to access them, and you will want them somewhere easily accessible but not freely floating in the duffle bag’s main compartment. Paperwork is usually made of small documents, which you can easily lose. Some duffle bags even extra features to help you organize the small important documents. For instance, you may find a pen holder and smaller pockets. If your duffle bag does not have outer pockets, use a pouch or any other small bag. 


Toiletries are important on every trip, and you have to ensure that they are safely packed. Make sure to pack your gels and liquids in sizeable containers – not more than 3.4 ounces. A reusable container is an ideal container for such toiletries. Place all your toiletries in a single bag and place them near the top of your duffel bag for easy access. You may need them mid-trip or during an inspection.


Shoes usually get dirty, and you do not need to mix them with other clean items. Some duffel bags have a dedicated compartment for shoes. If your duffel bag does not have a shoe compartment, you can use a shoe bag. Place your shoes in the shoe bag, then place them at the bottom of your duffel bag. Place your clothes on top or next to your shoes. 

Other Gear

You may carry many other items, including items that you will not need while on the flight. It is vital to ensure that they are safe and do not get damaged. You can place them in the main compartment, on top of your clothes. For smaller items, make use of the outer pockets, and if your duffel does not have outer pockets, get yourself an accessory bag and put them inside. It will prevent them from getting lost.


Small duffel bags can come in handy when you are traveling. Organizing and packing them perfectly will ensure that you find everything when you need it. The good thing is that you can use a small duffel bag as a carry-on. 

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