Catch up with the Coolest China lingo and happenings with 《中国井点》 - Alvinology

Catch up with the Coolest China lingo and happenings with 《中国井点》

比一个人吃火锅更惨的事情是什么?一个人没钱吃火锅 ! What’s sadder than having steamboat alone? Being alone and having no money to pay for steamboat!

It is this economic reason which drives many young people in China to travel far away from their hometowns to first-tier cities to look for better job opportunities. Eking out living thousands of miles away from their loved ones, these people stay alone and do not enjoy any family life. 空巢青年 or empty nest youth is the lingo used in China to refer to them.

《中国井点》offers digestible tidbits of China 

I learned about this 空巢青年 phenomenon and lingo from this particular episode of 《中国井点》.  I’ve always been curious about China, but the zaobao China supplement takes too much time (and effort to read). So am I glad to find《中国井点》, which is a lighthearted short video series that offers insights into what’s trending in China in just 3-minute or even shorter! It’s from a credible news source as well-8world News.

“You cannot be lonely if you like the person you’re alone with”

While the above statement is true, it is also true that no man is an island. Humans are social animals after all. Just like guinea pigs…did you know that in Switzerland, it is illegal to keep just one guinea pig? This is because they are herd animals, and must have company of their own species to maintain their well-being. 

Catch up with the Coolest China lingo and happenings with 《中国井点》 - Alvinology

Same goes for humans. Having a good and strong social support system is correlated positively with longevity. So the phenomenon of large numbers of empty nesters youth in China could be a big social problem in the brewing.

Ride the china wave with《中国井点》 

Nowadays, beside IQ and EQ, do you have CQ, i.e. China Quotient? When even Angmohs can speak better Mandarin and know more about China than the typical Chinese Singaporean, you know competition for the Chinese dollar is heating up. 

Up your C-quotient to ride the China wave. 《中国井点》packs fun facts about China in a bite-size video of about 3 minutes. Perfect for short attention spans and busy routines.

Watch 《中国井点》and win $200 vouchers 

Catch up with the Coolest China lingo and happenings with 《中国井点》 - Alvinology

Two new episodes of《中国井点》will be released each week.  Answer the question at the end of the video to win $200 vouchers! Every week, eight lucky winners will walk away with $200 vouchers each. The contest will run weekly from 23 Feb- 22 Mar 2021 (i.e. $6.400 worth of prizes in total). 

To participate, watch the video, take note of the question at the end, then submit your answers according to the instructions on the contest page.

New questions will be up on the microsite every Monday at 12 noon. Winners will be announced on the microsite. 

Facebook Watch Party You Can’t Miss

Alvinology will be hosting a Facebook Watch Party with 8world News on 25 February 2021 (Thursday) at 8:30 pm. The hosts for this Facebook Live will be Youyi and Angel Lim. So, what’s the topic for this Facebook Watch Party event? It’s all influencers. See you at the Facebook Watch Party!

Catch up with the Coolest China lingo and happenings with 《中国井点》 - Alvinology

Download the 8world app, redeem Toast Box vouchers! 

You can also watch 《中国井点》by downloading the 8world (《8视界》) app on your smartphone. 

Visit participating Toast Box outlets anytime between 2-6 pm, from 26-28 February & 5-7 March.  Approach the Friendly 8world ambassadors for instructions to download the 8world app. Download on the spot and sign up for an account to redeem a Toast Box voucher! While stocks last. First come, first served! (for new users only).

Participating Toastbox outlets

  • Nex
  • Clementi Mall
  • West Gate
  • Paya Lebar Quarter
  • Seletar Mall
Catch up with the Coolest China lingo and happenings with 《中国井点》 - Alvinology

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