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3 Ways To Look And Feel Your Best In 2021


The new year is always a good time to put together a new strategy to look and feel your best. Everyone needs a lift heading into 2021, and performing some basic self-care is a wonderful way to do it.

Do you have some things you know you can improve, or do you just want to do a general overhaul? If you need some ideas on what to touch up or how to approach some ideas you already have, keep reading.

1. Start a Healthy New Eating Regimen

Whether you want to lose a few pounds from the stresses of 2020, gain more energy, or get healthy and luminous skin, switching up your diet is a wise move. Just start with some classics:

  • Eating real, whole foods
  • Eliminating junk foods
  • Consuming only what you need for your energy needs

It is always difficult giving up favorite feel-good foods like chips and ice cream, but do they really make you feel good in the long-term? Anything that eventually stores itself as fat if you don’t spend hours in the gym is probably worth de-prioritizing to the point of having it as a rare treat. You don’t have to fully give things up, but consider having a serving a two of your favorite treat per week instead of multiple times per week. Small steps in the right direction win the race, helping you adjust and develop new, healthy habits.

Add the following to your diet to feel great, boost and maintain energy, and keep a lean waistline:

  • Lean protein, including fish, chicken, and legumes
  • Fresh vegetables and fruits
  • Healthy carbohydrates such as quinoa, whole grain pasta, and rice
  • Good fats like nuts and seeds and olive and coconut oils
  • Occasional dairy and cheese

2. Launch a New Fitness Program

Even if you already exercise regularly, you might try something new. If you already do loads of cardio, try hitting the weight room to gain strength and definition. You can change your silhouette by lifting weights, and you will find clothes fitting you in fun new ways. Alternately, adding some or more cardio sheds excess daily calories, burns fat, and helps you manage stress better. In either case, you can try different things to keep you enthused:

  • Join a walking, running, or hiking group
  • Take your strength workouts outside and do body-weight workouts at the local park
  • Find a local indoor swimming pool and do laps or try out an aquatic fitness class

3. Make Healthy Skin a Priority

If you continually try to avoid noticing sun spots or other blemishes, it’s time to get serious about eliminating or reducing them. Sunspots can cause confidence issues, making you self-conscious. First, it is important to realize sunspots, also known as liver spots, are common, so you are far from alone in this battle. There are plenty of remedies to minimize the appearance of your sunspots:

  • Avoid direct sun exposure by wearing hats and using a high SPF sunscreen
  • Invest in healthy skincare products targeted at reducing or removing sun spots and uneven skin tones
  • Make sure to include SPF 50+ sunscreen, micro-dermabrasion paste, brightening toner, and a brightening complex in your routine

Get Ready to Love the Way You Look and Feel in 2021

These healthy tips for 2021 all work together to help you look and feel great. Whatever you choose to do to make 2021 better for you, make sure to start with a healthy diet, exercise, and skincare regimen specific to your needs and goals.

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