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Top 10 Travel Apps for iOS and Android

When we are set to travel the world and learn more about some new and exciting cultures, it is always helpful when we can install helpful travel apps for iOS or Android and make it an enjoyable experience. Some of these mobile assistants help with the basic language challenges, while others help to find cheaper hotels or book those flights that appear at the last minute. In either case, take your time to check out the top 10 apps that you should definitely check out!

1. LoungeBuddy

This small app is a true life-saver for frequent travelers. Just enter your payment information, airline boarding, and this application will tell you about what lounges can be found and accessed at most airports around the world. No more searching for the paid solutions when you can check the free places to have some rest as you travel.

2. Duolingo

The most famous language-learning solution that helps to learn over 31 languages for free. It is always interactive, be it vocabulary, grammar, or the usual tourist expressions. However, if you need to translate any official documents, try certified document translation services here. Be it a hotel dispute or a payment you need to make, always approach professionals for it.

3. Skyscanner

It is the best way to locate cheap flights. This app actually searches over myriads of flights by turning to its vast database of sources and provides you with the best options (price and route). It can also notify you if the price changes for the preferred flight of your choice.

4. HelloTalk

Another language-learning offer with over 100 available languages. You can learn a foreign language by listening to native speakers. It is free as all you have to do in return is teach that person your native language.

5. HotelTonight

If you want to find those last-minute cheaper offers and discounts for various hotel rooms or need to spend a night somewhere abroad without it costing a fortune, this travel app does the job well. It has an excellent customer support and reviews from fellow travelers that let you stay safe as you travel. You can look at the photos to ensure that you choose a good hotel without making an accidental mistake.

6. AirHelp

According to both US and EU legislation, your woes of a delayed or a canceled flight can be compensated. This small app lets you approach things right at the airport. You share your flight information, a bit about the problem, and the company behind this helpful solution takes care of things. You only have to share 25% of your compensation, the rest is yours.

7. Memrise

Another great language help offer for travelers. It has user-created courses and over 20 languages that implement science, books, and culture for learning as you travel. If you need additional translation help, check Pickwriters for the list of professionals in various fields. Be it technical manuals or just a business correspondence, you’ll find it all. 

8. Detour

Be sure to check this awesome GPS-powered audio journey assistant. You can experience over 20 cities across the world as you walk. It is narrated by a local, so you get a personal guide who tells you what to visit or explains local customs.

9. Couchsurfing

Probably needs no introduction, yet it is still included in our list as a great way to travel and make new friends. Now available as an app for both platforms.

10. TextGrabber

Simply point your phone at the food contents or restaurant at the unknown text or menu. Just one click more and you get the translated text. A definitely must-have app for frequent travelers!

Remember to Stay Polite

Top 10 Travel Apps for iOS and Android - Alvinology

Just a quick reminder as you travel: take your time to learn about the foreign culture. Talk to locals, ask questions, and always stay polite and respectful. It will help to make your journey a much better and safer experience!

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