From today, loyal fans of flame-grilled are being challenged by Burger King to tantalise their tastebuds – from flame-grilled to freshly caught, to celebrate the arrival of the Double Ultimate Salmon burger islandwide.

There’s nothing standard about this catch, it’s the height of so’fish’tication. Not one, but two generous, succulent Salmon pink patties caught between a freshly baked corn dust sourdough bun, layered with cheese, lightly caramelized onions, juicy sliced tomato, topped with a julienne of purple cabbage and carrot, and just the right amount of tartar sauce.

Double Ultimate Salmon Meal ($10.90)

Double Ultimate Salmon Meal deal includes:

  • 1 fries (M)
  • 1 Minute Maid Refresh Apple juice (S)

Fans will have plenty of time ‘mullet’ over as the Double Ultimate Salmon will be on sale until the end of the year.

Other meal deals under the Ultimate Selection menu include:

  • Ultimate Angus Classic BBQ Meal ($9.90)
  • Ultimate Angus Double Mushroom Swiss Meal ($12.50)
  • Ultimate Angus Mushroom Swiss Meal ($9.90)
  • Ultimate Tendercrisp Chicken Meal ($8.90)

BURGER KING will also be serving up a number of new and ultimate comeback Starbuys from 13 October until the end of the year. In response to fans who have been longing for the return of Belgian soft-serve, the King has heard you.

Ultimate Belgian Choc Float ($3.20)

Belgian Choc cone ($1.30)

Belgian Choc Sundae ($2.10)

All items available at Burger King restaurants island-wide.