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MAGNUM Celebrates 25 Years of Pleasure

MAGNUM Celebrates 25 Years of Pleasure
A MAGNUM VIP welcome at Avalon

A MAGNUM VIP welcome at Avalon

The folks at MAGNUM really knows how to indulge their guests. To celebrate MAGNUM’s 25th anniversary, MAGNUM held a lavish party on Friday at Avalon, Marina Bay Sands.

I attended the party with my wife, Rachel. Walking into the party itself makes us feel like VIPs:

[image_sliders] [image_slider link=”” source=””] On the way in [/image_slider] [image_slider link=”” source=””] Entrance [/image_slider] [image_slider link=”” source=””] Stage area when the fashion show was on [/image_slider]

 [image_slider link=”” source=””] Rachel enjoying a chocolate cocktail [/image_slider] [/image_sliders]

When I received the invitation kit, it was equally thrilling too:

[image_sliders] [image_slider link=”” source=””] Invitation kit [/image_slider] [image_slider link=”” source=””] Unboxing the kit [/image_slider] [image_slider link=”” source=””] The invite card is made from MAGNUM chocolate [/image_slider] [image_slider link=”” source=””] 25 bars of assorted MAGNUM in the other box [/image_slider] [/image_sliders]

A series of announcements were made that night, including the return of the MAGNUM Singapore Pleasure store at Custom House Terrace. Guests were treated to a night of chocolate decadence, fashion highlights and other programs.

Largest Chocolate Fountain in Singapore Renowned for using quality chocolate in each MAGNUM, the chocolate-themed party used over 260kg of MAGNUM chocolate, and broke the record for Singapore’s largest chocolate fountain (accredited by the Singapore Book of Records). Standing at more than 1m tall, over 100kg of chocolate flowed through the fountain to provide guests with the decadent experience of creating their own MAGNUM ice cream. Uncoated vanilla MAGNUMs were dipped into the chocolate fountain and decorated with the guests’ choice of favourite toppings. After the event, the MAGNUM chocolate fountain is now on public display at Customs House Terrace.

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Here are the two MAGNUM which Rachel and I customised for the night:

[image_sliders] [image_slider link=”” source=””] Customise your own MAGNUM with ten different toppings [/image_slider] [image_slider link=”” source=””] the topping we chose [/image_slider] [image_slider link=”” source=””] Working on my MAGNUM [/image_slider] [image_slider link=”” source=””] Glazing it to finish up [/image_slider] [image_slider link=”” source=””] Working on Rachel’s MAGNUM [/image_slider] [image_slider link=”” source=””] Rachel’s customised MAGNUM [/image_slider] [image_slider link=”” source=””] My customised MAGNUM with crackle pop candies, Macadamia and Almond  [/image_slider] [/image_sliders]

MAGNUM Fashion Show In collaboration with 2am:dessertbar Chef/Owner, Janice Wong, and local fashion designer, Pauline Lim of PAULINE.NING, an exclusive MAGNUM chocolate jewellery collection was launched on the catwalk with PAULINE.NING’s Spring/Summer collection, as well as a MAGNUM dress, to celebrate indulgence in fashion and luxury.

[image_sliders] [image_slider link=”” source=””] White dress [/image_slider] [image_slider link=”” source=””] Red dress with white chocolate [/image_slider] [image_slider link=”” source=””] White chocolate ring [/image_slider] [image_slider link=”” source=””] This got the most attention for the night [/image_slider] [image_slider link=”” source=””] Chocolate and vanilla [/image_slider] [image_slider link=”” source=””] Pauline Ning collection [/image_slider] [image_slider link=”” source=””] Cbocolate earrings [/image_slider] [image_slider link=”” source=””] Chocolate earrings [/image_slider] [image_slider link=”” source=””] Show over [/image_slider]

[image_slider link=”” source=””] Salsa dance [/image_slider]


“Decadence Cracked was inspired by the rich crackling chocolate crust of MAGNUM and how it resembled the first light of day illuminating the city,” said Lim. Wong’s creations were also designed to portray “MAGNUM’s style of elegance and simplicity, playing up the classic brown, white and gold notes”. Models mingled with guests throughout the night to show off selected pieces, which are now on display at the MAGNUM Singapore Pleasure Store.

Guests at the event

Guests at the event

MAGNUM Singapore Pleasure Store The birthday party continued beyond the night’s celebrations with the opening of the final installation of MAGNUM Singapore Pleasure Store at Customs House Terrace to all Pleasure Seekers till 23 July 2014, from 12pm to 10.30pm daily. The final MAGNUM Singapore Pleasure Store will feature exclusive silver themed desserts and cocktails, and an array of celebratory silver toppings to go with the Make My MAGNUM experience. An augmented reality game, Seize Your MAGNUM Moment, also invites Pleasure Seekers to seize some fun and win complimentary Make My MAGNUM experience at the store.

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“For 25 years, MAGNUM has celebrated pleasure and indulgence through the perfect combination of decadent chocolate and rich ice cream. Hosting the MAGNUM Singapore Pleasure Store again extends these celebrations in the most enjoyable way possible, living out our philosophy, a day without pleasure is a day lost”, said Moustapha Khaled, Country Director, Unilever Singapore.

Moustapha Khaled and Susanne Arfelt from Unilever

Moustapha Khaled and Susanne Arfelt from Unilever

MAGNUM Limited Edition with Marc de Champagne To top off the birthday celebrations, MAGNUM launched its Limited Edition with Marc de Champagne. Crafted with swirls of delicious Marc de Champagne-flavoured sauce weaved through white Marc de Champagne ice cream, the MAGNUM Limited Edition with Marc de Champagne is encased in a celebratory silver finish of MAGNUM cracking chocolate. It comes wrapped in a beautiful silver holographic pack featuring the iconic MAGNUM M-stamp.

MAGNUM Limited Edition with Marc de Champagne

MAGNUM Limited Edition with Marc de Champagne

On the occasion of MAGNUM’s 25th birthday, Pleasure Seekers can join in the celebrations with #MagnumSG and #CelebratePleasure on the following social channels:

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About MAGNUM Launched in 1989 in Belgium and Germany, MAGNUM was the first hand held ice cream targeted as a premium adult offer. Today, MAGNUM is one of the world’s leading ice cream brands, selling more than 2 billion ice creams annually worldwide and it is the biggest brand of Unilever ice creams. In 2014, MAGNUM is celebrating 25 years of pleasure and has re-launched its iconic Classics range; MAGNUM chocolate and ice cream.

Happy birthday MAGNUM

Happy birthday MAGNUM

MAGNUM’s collaboration with the Rainforest Alliance MAGNUM is proud of its collaboration with the Rainforest Alliance recognising the sustainable and responsible sourcing of cocoa. The collaboration forms part of a long-term corporate goal of Unilever to source all key agricultural raw materials sustainably. In line with Unilever’s vision and commitment to sustainable sourcing, MAGNUM and the ice cream category is taking steps to ensure sustainable sourcing of all their cocoa for MAGNUM ice cream by 2015.

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