Yu Sheng Lo Hei To Greater Fortune, Wealth And Health With These Steps

Chinese New Year is just around the corner and we are sure many of you have already started feasting on Yu Sheng. Instead of leaving it to the restaurant servers, why not learn the steps yourself and Lo Hei to greater fortune, wealth and health for the new year?

The Yu Sheng Lo Hei ritual starts with reciting “Gong Xi Fa Cai” (恭喜发财) – Wishing you wealth and good fortune – and “Wan Shi Ru Yi” (万事如意) – May all your wishes be fulfilled.

Step 1) Fish
Nian Nian You Yu (年年有余) – Abundance or excess through the year.

Step 2) Pomelo
Da Ji Da Li (大吉大利) – Wishes of good luck and smooth sailing.

Step 3) Pepper
Zhao Cai Jin Bao (招财进宝) – Attracting wealth and treasures.

Step 4) & 5) Oil
Yi Ben Wan Li (一本万利) and Cai Yuan Guang Jin (财源广进) – Multifold increase of profits and wishes of wealth to flow in from all directions.

Step 6) Carrots
Hong Yun Dang Tou (鸿运当头) – Blessings of good luck.

Step 7) Green Radish
Qing Chun Chang Zhu (青春常驻) – Eternal youth.

Step 8) & 9) White Radish
Feng Sheng Shui Qi (风生水起) and Bu Bu Gao Sheng (步步高升) – Prosperity in business and promotion at work.

Step 10) Peanut Crumbs
Jin Yin Man Wu (金银满屋) – A household filled with gold and silver.

Step 11) Sesame Seeds
Sheng Yi Xing Long (生意兴隆) – Growth in business.

Step 12) Plum Sauce
Tian Tian Mi Mi (甜甜蜜蜜) – May life always be sweet.

Step 13) Deep-fried Golden Pillow-shaped Flour Crisps
Bian Di Huang Jin (遍地黄金) – Let there be gold everywhere on the floor.

And of course the last and final step of everyone tossing the Yu Sheng as high as possible while shouting “Huat ah!”. Enjoy yourself making a mess for this only happens once a year!

Another one of the must-eat Chinese New Year dishes is the Pen Cai that literally means “basin of treasures”. It symbolises good fortune and is made of many ingredients including pork, beef, lamb, chicken, duck, abalone, ginseng, shark fin, fish maw, prawn, crab, dried mushroom, fishballs, squid, dried eel, dried shrimp, pigskin, bean curd and Chinese white radish.

Don’t forget to end your reunion dinner on Chinese New Year Eve with some Tang Yuan which symbolises sweet reunion and family togetherness.

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