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Marvelous Cream

Marvelous Cream
Store front

Store front

Rachel simply digs this. To me, I think it tastes better than normal ice cream but is way overpriced . I dislike the fact that they only serve takeouts and the service is extremely slow. There’s always a long queue – not because business is exceptionally overwhelming, but because the little kids taking the order and serving the ice-cream take way too long to get things done. The weird rectangular counter layout, confined behind a glass display makes it worse as customers have no place to queue and in fact, do not even know where the queue is.

As this is a franchise outlet from Japan, I am suspicious that Singaporeans are probably shortchanged for quality as is usually the case with overseas franchise operations. Has anyone tried this in the original outlets in Japan? If so, do enlighten us if there’s a difference in service, price and quality. Here’s the link to the official Japanese website.

Anyway, here are some photos taken during our last visit:

Brochure menu

Brochure menu

Narrow shop interior

Narrow shop interior

Ice cream flavours

Ice-cream flavours: there’s marsala coffee, cream cheese…

Weird poster asking customers to consume the ice cream immediately upon purchase

poster asking customers to consume immediately upon purchase



3 workers, but still slow

3 workers, but still slow

Chop into bits

Chopping up millefeuille into bits

Mash them all up!

Mash the flaky pastry and almonds into the ice-cream!

Putting a smile made of whipped cream on our Original Cream

Putting a smile made of whipped cream on our “Original Cream”

Tada! The final product

Tada! The final product

If you are interested to visit the place, it is located right at the end of Citylink Mall, beside 7-11 and Starbucks Coffee. The price is around S$8 per serving for a large serving. Detailed info as below:

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1 Raffles Link
#B1-04 Citylink Mall
Tel: 6238 1683
Operating Hours: 10am – 10pm

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  1. grace

    Looks good (i can’t resist the word parfait anyway), bt it’s kind of expensive, for now I think I’d settle for Ice Cream Chef. ^^

  2. SnowSakura

    oh my god i looove it…discovered it last week at a trip to yummie

  3. DeAnna Cooper

    I want the BIGBANG Special Edition so bad cries!!

  4. Alexandra

    Actually, i had tried the ones in japan. they are about the same, but the stall has way more seats.


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