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[REVIEW] Flight Simulator Experience by AEROVIATION at Oxley Bizhub, Singapore

Are you or your kids interested in aviation?

There is a home-grown flight school in Singapore that offers flight simulator experiences and it is located at Oxley Bizhub. Aeroviation has been in operations since 2018, providing a mix of both calendared aviation programs for kids as well as one-off experience for adults, kids or family.

For the one-off experience, prices range from S$120 for two for a 60 minutes flight simulator session to S$250 for a full experience including a cockpit flight, VR and an air traffic control class.

For the calendared program, they are broken into Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced training that are 4 months each over 12 sessions. Certification from Aeroviation is provided at the completion of the courses.

Asher and I tried out their one-off class during one of the weekends. Check out our experience in this video:

The class started with a welcome by the instructors who will explain the basics of aviation before you are brought to a Cessna 172 simulator to experience flying yourself.

The school occupied two floors at Oxley Bizhub, with a stairs to access the second level where the flight simulator and the air traffic control room are located. The first floor is a welcome area with an attached classroom.

We found the instructors to be extremely patient, carefully and meticulously guiding Asher through every step of the flight process, including answer all the weird questions he throw at them along the way.

The highlight of the flight simulator experience was when we get to perform flights that would not be possible in real life, like flying through the Eiffel Tower in Paris and zipping through the Grand Canyon in Arizona.

After experiencing the flight simulator, we also tried out a VR simulator to learn about the engineering of an aircraft, followed by a voice recognition air traffic controller simulator session.

While a simulator can’t fully replicate the real experience of flying, the session with Aeroviation did help Asher and I have a better understanding of the science and engineering behind aviation and how an airplane works. Overall, it was a fun experience.

With leisure air travel halted almost globally because of the current Covid-19 pandemic situation, this is probably the next best thing for entertainment during the school holidays or weekends to keep the little ones occupied meaningfully.

More details are available via the official website.


Oxley Bizhub  # 01 – 50

63 Ubi Road 1

Singapore 408728

Opening Hours: Tues – Sun : 10am – 10pm, Mon : Closed

Tel: + 65 9650 5564

Email: [email protected]

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