Miss travelling to Taiwan? Satisfy your Taiwanese food cravings at this cozy eatery along Circular Road.

Taiwanese casual eatery, The Salted Plum, unveils a new menu of authentic Taiwanese flavours. The menu is all about evoking fond memories of digging into 小吃 (xiao chi or small eats) at street-side eateries, snacking while exploring the bustling night markets, or even home-cooked food in your Taiwanese friends’ homes.

We checked out The Salted Plum’s outlet at Circular Road (they have an express outlet at Suntec as well), and it ticked all the right boxes for that Taiwan feel.

New to the menu are a roundup of sharing plates that are synonymous with Taiwanese cuisine. Pick and mix plates with varying prices of $5, $10, $15 and $20 to form a spread of you preferred favourites.

Here’s a round-up of what we tried!

$5 plates

Under the $5 category, new selections include the Taiwan ‘Xiao Cai’ featuring spice-pickled lotus roots, bamboo shoots and seaweed to line the hungry tummies with a tangy pick-me-up.

Braised overnight in The Salted Plum’s signature haus black gravy is the Braised Spicy Duck Wings which are succulent and flavorful.

The Seasonal Fruit and Plum Salad is a palate cleanser of thinly sliced starfruit and halved cherry tomatoes tossed in plum dressing. Note that the fruit used may change depending on the season. This dish is great for balancing out the heavier flavors of the other dishes. 

$10 plates

Latest additions to the $10 section include the Fluffy ‘Cai Po’ Omelette, a fried egg option with salty and savoury morsels of pickled radish enveloped in a slightly runny egg fold that is crisp on the outside. Humble fare that reminds me of the warmth of family and simple times. Eat this with congee.

We also tried the XL Fried Chicken – an adaptation of the street food classic, but juicier and thicker with a deep-fried slab of chicken thigh powdered generously in either the plum mix for a distinctively sweet and tangy crunch, or the classic salt and pepper mix that has been infused in preserved orange peels for hints of citrusy goodness.

The XL Fried Chicken is also available in a rice bowl variation at $12 with a sous-vide egg on the side for a quick refuel during weekday lunch hours.

The Charred Brussels Sprouts is not really a Taiwan dish, but it has its charms with a complex sweet and slightly bitter flavor profile and crispy burnt outer leaves. It fits in well with the other xiao chi on the table. This dish is exclusive to the Circular Road outlet.

$15 plates

New to the $15 line-up are two dishes intended to introduce more seafood varieties for diners. Coated in light batter then deep-fried till crunchy on the outside, is the Crispy Pepper Squid. This is addictive and you would want a beer or cold drink to go with it.

There’s also Steamed Sea Bass with Taiwan Berries, a hearty plate of steamed fillets in a ginger soy dressing and caper-like manjack berries. This dish is exclusive to the Circular Road outlet. With its dressing tart and flavorful, this dish would go well with the Sweet Potato Congee to balance it out.


We were excited to see Mee Sua on the menu. Nothing reminds us more of Taiwan than this vinegary vermicelli bowl of goodness. It does not disappoint. The broth was thick and strong in umami flavor, leaving us craving for a second bowl.

However, if you prefer your staple to be in the taste background, choose the more subtle-tasting Sweet Potato Congee that will let the other dishes take center stage. The congee was not too thick and not too watery, perfect as an unassuming staple. 

Drinks and dessert

Haus Drinks are $3/ pouch or $10/ decanter. We had Red Tea and Salted Plum Juice. There are other options like Honey Lime Juice, hot tea and soft drinks too.

To round off our meal, we had the Haus Red Tea Jelly & Pearls ($5). This is the only dessert item available at The Salted Plum, so they must be very confident of it. Indeed, it is a yummy rendition of what bubble tea would taste like as a dessert. Bubble tea lovers will want to try this. Still, to prevent sweetness overdose, recommend to share this bowl with two or three others!


The Salted Plum lives up to its promise of serving up flavors from Taiwan. The eatery’s cozy and casual ambiance, unassuming yet tasty fare makes it a great choice for a meal with family, a catch-up with friends, or even a casual date. We’ll be back.

They offer free delivery above $60, details here.


Circular Road Outlet 10 Circular Road, Singapore 049366

11:30am — 2:30pm | 6pm — 9pm

Closed every Sunday

Suntec City Outlet [Express]

3 Temasek Boulevard #B1-122A (West Wing), Singapore 038989

Opening Hours 11am — 8.30pm

Other details

  • Reservations https://www.resdiary.com/restaurant/thesaltedplum
  • Ordering Site https://order.saltedplum.co/#/
  • Minimum Order For delivery: $30
  • For takeaways: No minimum required

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