Free luggage delivery to Taoyuan hotels

You touch down at the Taoyuan airport, all ready to jump straight into your exploration! But hang on a minute, there’s still your luggage and hotel check-in to take care of…

Don’t fret! This handy info guide will get you sorted for a stress-free head start.

In May, the Taoyuan City Government introduced complimentary luggage delivery services from Taoyuan Airport to 33 Gold Medal Hotels in Taoyuan. You no longer have to travel into the city first, and can instead head straight for the more picturesque provincial destinations.

It’s particularly useful for early travellers, since hotel rooms usually aren’t ready for morning check-ins.

The procedure is fairly straightforward. You can make an online reservation or simply head to the Taiwan Pelican Express counter in either arrival hall before 2pm. Your luggage will arrive at your hotel by 7pm.

This is a pilot programme offered only to the first 3500 visitors, with each visitor entitled to free delivery for 1 piece of luggage. Don’t miss out on this handy deal if you want to travel like a pro! Get the list of participating hotels and more info here.


Taoyuan Metro Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Joint Ticket—to Daxi Old Street in 40 minutes

To greet the 40 million visitors arriving in Taoyuan International Airport, the Taiwan City Government has launched a sophisticated joint network between Taoyuan Metro and Taiwan Tourist Shuttle that you can ride with just a single value-for-money travel pass.

These daily passes can be purchased at Taoyuan Metro A12 Terminal 1, A13 Terminal 2, and A14a Airport Hotel Station. The joint ticket (S$5.20) includes a one-way train ride from the airport to Taoyuan HSR Station and a bus ride that transports you back in time to Daxi Old Street in just 40 minutes.

Daxi Old Street


Non-stop fun with hop-on hop-off shuttle routes

Nature’s beauty is evident in Taoyuan, and you can discover many local gems by simply hopping on and off these three well-designed tourist shuttle routes: 501 Daxi Express Route, 502 Xiaowulai Route, 503 Shihmen Reservoir Route.


Daxi Express Route

The 502 Daxi Express Route takes you back in time through the architectural heritage of Daxi Old Street. Learn about aboriginal tribes at the Indigenous Culture Centre and get a chance to witness the hourly changing of the guards of Daxi Mausoleum.

You can also sample some fragrant tea brewed from mountain-grown tea plants at the century-old Daxi Tea Factory, make your own DIY gifts at the Republic of Chocolate Factory, and marvel at the poetic beauty of Lake Cifu.


Daxi Old Street 

Baroque-inspired columns and stone stuccos define the distinctive architectural look of this heritage site, which was once home to the rich elites and famous coal mining magnates of the late 19th century.

The Daxi area is famed for its savoury sweet caramel-coloured dried beancurd produce, which has earned its name as a trademark souvenir gift amongst travellers.


Daxi Tea Factory

The Daxi Tea Factory, quietly nestled in the countryside, is well-known for its signature Nittoh Black Tea. Built in the early 20th century, this production facility was part of Daxi’s glorious beginnings in tea-making.

It has since been lovingly restored as a cultural-creative gallery and tea house, featuring guided tours of its facilities and exhibits as well as woodwork products and tea tastings.

The elegant, minimalistic, and open-air layout has breathed new life into the century-old tea factory, giving it a subtle modern look while retaining its original exposed timber beams and cement walls.


Republic of Chocolate Factory

A visit to Southeast Asia’s first chocolate museum will surely treat the taste buds and excite the senses of visitors of all ages. The museum consists of a play area, a public exhibition, and a sales gallery. It even offers DIY classes for you to make your own creative chocolate crafts!


Lake Cihu

Escape to a gorgeous crescent-shaped lake surrounded by lush ancient forests and pristine nature. The plum and peach trees here blossom in January while splashes of brilliant golden hues burst forth in the fall. The park is closed on Tuesdays, so do plan ahead accordingly.


Xiaowulai Route

The 502 Xiaowulai route roams the mountain greenery of Xiao Wulai Skywalk’s hilltops and allows you to explore the optical illusion chambers of the Old Baji Tunnel.

Have an adventure cycling along Lake Cihu, seek solace in Fortune Temple, and catch the enchanted fairytale-esque Ta Shee Blooming Oasis.


Xiao Wulai Skywalk

This glass-bottomed walkway projecting 11 meters over a cliff makes it a perfect vantage point for visitors to enjoy a nearly 360-degree view of the scenic falls and valleys.

Where else can you find a place that offers the exciting sensation of vertigo amongst the lovely scenery of Taoyuan?


Old Baiji Tunnel

The Old Baiji Tunnel has been turned into a recreational trail for walking and biking since 2007, featuring a series of murals telling the stories of the past.

Visitors can also see the light railway built during the Japanese colonial period and the hand cart for carrying people and goods across the tunnel by the military.


Ta Shee Blooming Oasis

This 17-hectare blossom-filled meadow garden is a famous local destination for wedding photographs and MTV filmings. Come May to August, catch the spectacular sight of the garden in its full glory—the farm will be covered with a sea of blooming flowers in stunning shades of pink, red, purple and yellow.

Poke your nose into pretty clusters of lavenders, hydrangeas, and sunflowers that line Insta-ready pathways, making this a perfect half-day trip for couples and families alike.

Children can ride ponies and learn how nectar is produced from bees on the farm. Their Van Gogh-themed restaurant also offers special seasonal activities such as DIY arts and crafts and theme dinners.


Shihmen Reservoir Route

The 503 Shihmen Reservoir Route offers you the best laid-back experiences brought to you by local businesses—live fish catching restaurants, hiking and biking, and recreational activities that highlight the wonders of the surrounding ecology.

The route takes you to Sankeng Old Street, Hakka Cultural Park, Taoyuan Public Library, Shihmen Reservoir, and the famous Wen Hua Road Live-Fish Street.


Shihmen Reservoir 

Shimen Reservoir alone gives you a whole day’s worth of activities. After a satisfying seafood lunch, why not take a relaxing stroll or hop on a bike? Cycle along the beautiful scenic country paths found around the restaurants to burn those unapologetic calories away!


Shiyuan Fish Restaurant

There are plenty of restaurants around Shihmen Reservoir that offer mouth-watering menus of fresh seafood served as local banquet dishes. Shiyuan Fish Restaurant, in particular, is one of the most popular options.

Having earned countless outstanding awards for its famed Shiyuan gourmet, it has been covered by famous TV programmes and news media. It has even appeared in Korean, Taiwanese, and Hong Kong movie scenes.

From grass carps to black Chinese roaches, these fresh catches can be served up in a variety of culinary styles.


Sankeng Old Street

You can also find the quaint authentic Hakka village of Sankeng, rich in both history and natural beauty.


Forestaurant and nomadic glamping site

Truly a hidden gem in Shihmen Reservoir, the Forestaurant café and sophisticated camper van site is nestled in the mountains overlooking the vast tranquil dam.

This glamping base is great for stargazing at night and warm sunrises in the morning. Time just slows down as you immerse yourself in the scenery and enjoy the cool forest breeze.


Yunnan Cuisine

The Longgang area in Taoyuan is home to a large population of ethnic Chinese from Yunnan (Burma Thailand). Head around the Zhongshang Road and expect the snaking queues outside Amay Noodles Restaurant, 7 Yunnan Restaurant, and 8POPO.

Though the queues are long, it’s worth the wait. They offer a wide range of dishes, from classic shrimp cakes, bean cake salad, and papaya salad to rich broth rice vermicelli and steamed rice noodles.

The restaurants here are not only delicious but also well-priced. They will definitely have you leaving with happy tummies and equally happy wallets.



This itinerary was designed and organised by the Taoyuan Tourism Bureau to promote the recent network of tourism information stations throughout Taiwan. Here are two of the participating hotels.

Chao Car Motel:

South Garden Hotel and Spa Resort:


Fun summer activities

Every June, summer heats up the atmosphere in Shihmen Reservoir! Here’s a list of a few fun activities that both families and groups of friends can participate in.

  1. Hot Air Balloon Carnival
  2. Cycling routes
    1. Huanhu Bicycle Trail: Shihmen Station – PingLin Toll Station
    2. Longtan Sanlin Bicycle Trail: Hakka Culture Hall Station or Taoke Longtan Station
    3. Daxi Yuemei to Longtan Sankeng Waterfront Sightseeing Green Corridor: Sankeng Old Street Station
  3. Shihmen Reservoir Yacht
  4. Shihmen Reservoir Marathon: organised by Taoyuan Municipal Government Sports Bureau in October to December


Article contributed by Gladys Lim and edited by Ruth Y.