Gudsht, the Singapore bottled cocktail label that has been causing quite a stir on social media with its kooky concoctions (Unicorn Barf, anyone?), is going into fine-dining territory!

Gudsht is introducing its bottled cocktails to fine dining establishment Riviera Forlino and upmarket bistro L’Entrecôte. This marks the first time GudSht’s cocktails are available for dining-in, and exclusively available at the two restaurants will be two Mediterranean-themed cocktails, the whimsically named Amalfi Plunge and Wandering Tomate

Two new Gudsht cocktails exclusive to Riviera Forlino and L’Entrecôte

Amalfi Plunge

Getting its moniker from the Amalfi Coast of Southern Italy, this is a refreshing, light and citrusy cocktail with notes of peach bitters, lemon and lime. A sip of Amalfi Plunge will evoke visions of the shimmering blue Mediterranean and transport you to a picturesque southern Italian seaside resort.

Wandering Tomate

GudSht’s second new Mediterranean-inspired cocktail with a more fruity, summery veneer, this is a subtly tart potion with pineapple juice and cherry tomato.

GUDSHT X Riviera Forlino

Perfect for a romantic date!

The stunning view in Riviera Forlino. (Pic via Riviera Forlino)

We visited Riviera Forlino where Executive Chef Rémy Carmignani and Executive Pastry Chef Nicolas Vergnole had specially conjured up new dessert creations to pair with each Gudsht cocktail.

After sampling four different Gudsht-dessert pairings, and taking into account the restaurant’s stunning backdrop of Marina Bay, we think this will be a great place to impress your dinner date.

It will be good for a first date too as there would be no lack of things to talk about with the interesting and surprising pairings. 

“Riviera” Vacherin X Amalfi Plunge (cocktail)

The chill and mellower Amalfi Plunge went well with this light and citrusy dessert.

“Riviera” Vacherin

Caraibe 66% Dark Chocolate Cremeux X Deeznuts (cocktail)

Deeznuts, which is a stronger cocktail with 26.7 ABV and notes of chocolate and walnut bitters, finds an echo in this dark chocolate creation with salted caramel ice cream.

Caraibe 66% Dark Chocolate Cremeux

Les Figues de Provence X Unicorn Barf (cocktail)

The sweet and girlish Unicorn Barf with yuzu-rose infusion finds a soulmate in this seasonal black figs sorbet topped with a light and airy “cloud” of goat milk and honey. It comes with a warm serving of almond crumble as well. This is my top pick for dessert.

Les Figues de Provence

Orchard Citrus Sphere X Wandering Tomate (cocktail)

The citrusy and sweet profile of Wandering Tomate is similarly reflected in this funky-looking dessert. (ps: does the spiky sphere remind you of something that rhymes with aroma?? =p)

Orchard Citrus Sphere

Check out Gudsht cocktails here and book a table at Riviera Forlino here.

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