With the ongoing Covid-19 safety measures, it is apparent that it will be a long long wait before bars and pubs will be reopen again anytime soon in Singapore.

Local neighbourhood bartenders GudSht promise to bring the bar to you. Whether you’re celebrating keeping your job, wanting to drown your sorrows, or simply looking for an excuse to be inebriated, GudSht is coming your way.

Born out of a pandemic, GudSht was created by the bartenders of Elite Bar Solutions who saw their livelihoods devastated by the virus. However, as the saying goes, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” And with that, GudSht was born. The folks at GudSht are adamant that adversity breeds resilience and solidarity – two things we sorely need in these trying times. GudSht’s founders also wanted to give Singaporeans and Singapore’s residents something to get excited about, something that would spread some much-needed joy and warmth. What better way to do that than with a perfectly crafted alcoholic beverage that sparks joy?

Supporting local businesses (and bubble tea lovers)

Singaporeans truly love our bubble teas and the folks at Gudsht understands this. Together with Singaporean social media marketing agency, GOODSTUPH, Gudsht created two truly Singaporean cocktails inspired by our national obsession with milk, tea, and pearls. Now you can satisfy not one, but two cravings at once!

Enter Mao Cha and Mao Cha Nude, two alcoholic bubble tea drinks with all the bells and whistles of a premium bubble tea, with the added bonus of some of Japan’s finest spirits. Mao Cha is GudSht’s take on the quintessential Thai Milk Tea, infused with Chita Single Grain Whiskey and with aromatic notes of tea leaves and peach.

For those who don’t like milk or who are lactose intolerant, there is also Mao Cha Nude, made with Japanese Haku vodka. With sweet-scented notes of tea leaves and honey, the unique concoction brings purified notes of tea leaves, savoury notes of grapefruit and slight notes of candied ginger, accompanied with sweet bursting boba.

Like what you see? Here’s more GudSht for you

Need a refresher after your zillionth Zoom call of the day? Check out Unicorn Barf, the bestseller of the GudSht family. Allegedly made from the barf of this magical creature of rainbows and stardust, this purple drink with swirls of silver glitter claims to be the antidote to work stress. With wholesome notes of yuzu and hints of juniper, it finishes with cool and refreshing notes of mints and plums, leaving trails of glamorous smiles and glittering unicorn farts. With only fresh honey as a sweetener, it has a light touch of sweetness.

Red, White & Drink

A cocktail inspired by both our national flag and Sang Nila Utama, the founder of the Kingdom of Singapura in the 14th century, GudSht’s Sangrila Utama comes in both our national colours of red and white. GudSht’s Red Sangrila Utama is a classic sangria with a twist, combining three French favourites – Cabernet Sauvignon, Courvoisier Cognac and Grand Marnier. This potent mix is then complemented by a generous helping of fresh fruits, as well as agave syrup and homemade cinnamon syrup, lending it notes of cinnamon and a more full-bodied taste. Their White Sangrila Utama differs only by making use of Sauvignon Blanc instead of Cabernet, and does away with cinnamon syrup entirely, resulting in a lighter, more refreshing drink with notes of citrus instead of cinnamon.

S** on the Beach

Looking for something a bit more tropical and zesty? Check out Keekapow, GudSht’s take on the classic beachside cocktail, made using an alcoholic base of Bacardi rum, Midori melon liqueur, and spiced pear liqueur.

A nod to a certain carbonated drink, Keekapow also contains freshly squeezed orange, pineapple, and lime juices, as well as honey and plum bitters.

For When It’s Summer Year-Round

Rita’s Marga is GudSht’s unique spin on a universal classic, the margarita. A delicately balanced yet simple cocktail, Rita’s Marga contains only four ingredients. Combining Sauza tequila, Grand Marnier, agave syrup, and freshly squeezed lime juice, Rita’s Marga is a drink made for Singapore’s heat and best served in a chilled glass.

For the Workaholics

Finally, Deez Nuts. This one’s is said to be concocted for go-getters. Made from a potent mix of Jim Beam White, Angostura bitters, Chocolate bitters, and Walnut bitters and tied together by a helping of maple syrup, this strong, full-blooded cocktail contains notes of honeycomb, dark chocolate, and a certain nuttiness.

For GudSht’s full catalogue of weird and wonderful concoctions, visit their official website.