I visited the rebranded and refreshed Giant hypermarket at Tampines. Here are 16 reasons why you may want to, too. A picture speaks a thousand words. Photo avalanche below!

TLDR: There is simply something to make EVERYONE happy, and it’s a hangout place in itself- with a legit western café in-store, Guardian pharmacy, and Underwater World (almost).

Entrance to the hypermarket- Giant Tampines is a whole building by itself

1. It’s simply HUGE… No chance for trolley road rage!

I like grocery shopping, taking my time to wonder from aisle to aisle is a past time in itself. The wide spacing between each aisle lets me do so in peace, without having to jostle or knock into anyone. No need to get road rage from pushing a shopping cart in a crowded supermarket. Grocery shopping is a relaxing and almost meditative activity here.

2. Lower Prices that Last

Who hasn’t experienced the hassle of waiting for items to go on promotions, and gotten their hearts broken (okay maybe this is hyperbolic) when you miss out on deals?  

With the Lower Prices That Last campaign that Giant has just launched, Giant promises to keep lower prices for longer on hundreds of daily necessities, and it will STAY LOW today, tomorrow, next week, next month and even longer! No more missing out on past deals! (note: this campaign is applicable across all Giant stores, not just at Tampines. But their hypermarket has a wider selection of stuff!)

Maybe now I will feel less guilt when indulging in one of my favorite instant noodles… on discount mah

Lower prices that last for fresh produce too

3. Nice Tableware Line

Starting at $2 for a plate, but the design and quality does not feel cheap!

Modern aesthetics from tableware line “Table Matters”
Japanese aesthetics going for $12.50
Aww…HELLO THERE BABY SEAL. Just $4 to bring you home?
Strawberry, pineapple and carrot bolsters going for $15 each
Yes, hamburger and doughnut are best friends

5. I can bribe treat my kid cousins with gifts, without feeling too much of a pinch in my wallet

This colorful wall of plushies makes a cute Instagram backdrop too.

Can you hear them calling out? “Bring me home…~”

Huge long wall of fancy stationary and toys.

The way they are clearly divided into columns of different prices- $1, $2, $3 and so on, can be a useful parenting aid! For example, to reward Junior who aced spelling test last week, you can allow Junior to pick a present from the $1 section. Or motivate Junior to ace spelling for three weeks to qualify for the $3 column.

Masak masak toys for $10
Blindfolded Twister
The $1 Zone. Everything going for $1.

6. Healthy Nuts

My mom loves this section.

7. Huge Beer & Wine section

No lack of choices for wine-ing down or a beer-y good time.

8. In-store Guardian

9. In-store Café

This cafe’s western fare offerings can rival a fast food chain’s.

10. In-store Bakery

Pick up a fresh loaf of bread. Nasi lemak and kuehs sold here too.

11. There is Underwater World!

Also known as the Live Seafood Section. This section is educational for the kids. Kids can see for themselves how the food on their plates looked like when alive. This awareness is something not to be taken for granted these days, especially for city kids.

Golden Pomfret
Okay these are not alive, but still, Shellfish galore

12. World of Food @ Aisle 7

Teleport yourself to Korea, Japan, Thailand, Australia, USA and UK just by walking down aisle 7.

13. Free Parking, Free Shuttle Services

For those who drive, there’s free parking at Giant Tampines all day. For those who don’t drive, there are shuttle bus services at a few pick up points. Check here for details.

14. I found my Favorite Childhood Drink

Sen Soh Grass Jelly cups. Nice to sip and chew, best enjoyed chilled. Pass one cup to your kid and enjoy the next 10 minutes of silence as they busy themselves with this drink-snack.

$5 for a box of 6 Cups of Grass Jelly

15. Sushi!

Who doesn’t like sushi? Wide variety on offer at attractive prices here.

This is just one picture of the wide variety of sushi available

16. Ikea and Courts- Just Within Walking Distance

Bonus points right? Just hop over across the road to continue your shopping. But first, you must work out the logistics of where to store your groceries.

Tampines Giant Location and Operation Hours

21 Tampines North Drive 2 #03-01


Sun-Thu: 8:00am – 12:00am
Fri-Sat: 8:00am – 2:00am

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