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8 Crabs – Top Reasons Why You Should Try this Singapore Crab Delivery Service

If you’re a crab enthusiast and/or connoisseur, then this pandemic might have affected you quite a bit. Why?

Well, it’s because crabs must be eaten fairly fresh and because some past experiences with home delivery services might have left a bad taste in your mouth. Still, those experiences shouldn’t prevent you from enjoying a juicy or spicy piece of crab, delivered straight to your home, usually in less than one hour!

This is why, in the following lines, we’ll take a look at not only an economic/budget-friendly crab delivery service in Singapore but at a provider of wild and full of taste crabs as well!

The Crabs!

Naturally, we have to analyze the crabs first!

As mentioned above, the crabs that you will receive via delivery are 100% wild-caught crabs – and not farmed ones. This aspect is extremely important because wild crabs are usually larger in size and with more meat on their bone. On top of that, some folks suggest that wild crabs are tastier than farmed ones.

Last but not least, crabs are not meant to live on farms. If they get stressed, they will emit ammonia – this causes the meat to be less firm and, in some cases, the crab to die before they reach the chef’s kitchen.

8 Crabs prides in the fact that, even though their crabs are all wild-caught, they never prepare dead crabs in their kitchen!

Transportation – Wilderness to Your Table!

The crabs from 8 Crabs take no more than 12 hours to get set on your table. This ensures maximum freshness, which is vital when it comes to crab consumption!

After the crabs are caught in Sri Lanka, they’ll undergo a short 1-hour road to the airport. From there, a 4-hour flight takes and delivers the crabs to Singapore and, once they land, it takes roughly two and a half hours for them to reach the kitchen of 8 Crabs!

If you’re feeling extremely hungry, you can opt for an express one-hour delivery! This means that you can have a dinner made entirely from crabs caught early morning on the same day!

Crab Quality and Overall Dish Taste

When we said that the wild crabs provided by 8 Crabs are larger and meatier, we weren’t kidding! If you order an extra-large crab, keep in mind that you may not have a plate big enough for it in your home!

Obviously, we don’t even have to mention the taste. A simple online search for reviews and ratings will show you that, besides freshness and impeccable delivery service, 8 Crabs comes with an amazing taste as well.

We also have some tips on what your first order should be! If you want to treat yourself or your guests right, then we recommend 8 Crabs’ Chilli, Black Pepper, or Salted Egg Crab – you will not regret it!

The Bottom Line

Last but not least, it is really worth mentioning that 8 Crabs will offer you a full refund if your delivery comes in late.

As we said, they don’t compromise when it comes to freshness – as such, they make sure that the crab that you’re about to eat is as fresh as it can get!

Then, with prices ranging from 8 to 22 SGD for various “Zhi char” dishes and from roughly 40 to 120 SGD for crabs, 8 Crabs are quite budget-friendly as well. Also, any order above 120 SGD enjoys free delivery. They may possibly be the best crab delivery in Singapore!

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