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Planning To Host A Baby Shower? Here’s Some Useful Advice

Planning a baby shower can be both exciting and stressful. There are so many things to consider: where, when, how many people you’ll invite, what kind of decorations and food you should have… the list goes on! This blog post will help take some of that stress off your plate by providing useful advice for hosting a successful event.

Read on to learn about the top tips for planning a memorable party in no time at all!

Decide on the Guest List

Before you start on anything else, it’s important to decide who will be invited. Your guest list should consist of the immediate family members and close friends that are expecting and their partners or significant others.

It might also include aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins… but make sure everyone is comfortable having them there before you finalize the list. There are plenty of resources online that can help you decide who to invite if you aren’t sure!

Choose a Location for the Baby Shower

Think about where you want to host the event! Is it more important that people bring their kids along, or is there a certain theme in mind? Venues differ, so take some time and consider what will work for your needs.

Many large hotels offer catering–this can make planning easier because they have all the party supplies you’ll need. You can also opt for a restaurant or catering hall–they often have space that’s just right for hosting baby showers of all sizes.

Another option is to host the event at your home. If you’re not sure if this will be practical, make a list of pros and cons so that you can weigh out what’s best for you personally!

Make your Baby Shower Shopping Earlier

Picking out a theme and searching for decorations can be an adventure. If you have the time, try starting your shopping process way early so that you don’t find yourself scrambling at the last minute to figure everything out! If you’re unsure what would work best, it doesn’t hurt to ask guests about their thoughts on colors or themes. They might come up with some great ideas that you wouldn’t have thought of on your own!

When making the baby shower shopping, it is important to consider marketplaces that offer coupons and other discounts. There are different coupons and deals, and shoppers can click here to find the various options available for their baby showers. You might not need to spend as much money on a baby shower if you’re using these discounts and coupons!

Send out Invitations to Guests

It’s time to send out those invitations! Make sure that you have the guest list finalized and start thinking about what kind of invitation you want to use. Decide if it will be mailed or hand-delivered–either way, make sure your guests know exactly when they should arrive so that there are no surprises on the day of the event!

If you plan on printing the invitations yourself, make sure that they are neat and professional-looking. Designing them can be fun–dissect a few baby shower invitation ideas online to see what catches your eye!

Another option for sending out invitations is by email. If this would work better for your needs, then go right ahead and send out the invites to your guests. They’ll receive them a lot quicker, which is helpful if you’re short on time!

Arrange Food and Drinks for the Party

It’s always good to have a lot of food on hand for any event because it might be a while before everyone can eat. Plan accordingly and make sure that there will be enough drinks available, too!

Baby showers typically last anywhere from two hours to all day, so it’s important not just to think about what time the baby shower will be but also about the amount of food and drinks you’ll need. The number of guests will determine what kind of food is necessary for your baby shower–if the event lasts a few hours, finger foods or smaller dishes are perfectly acceptable! For an all-day affair (or if there’s no set time), it might be helpful to look into catering options.

Don’t forget the drinks! Oftentimes, juices and punch are popular choices for baby showers–both of which can easily be made ahead of time to minimize the stress on party day. Please don’t feel obligated to spend a lot of money; when it comes to beverages, you’ll want plenty of fluids available in various flavors and varieties.

If you’re hosting the event at your home, then you’ll have to plan for a variety of drinks and snacks that will satisfy both adults and children alike! Consider someone who is lactose-intolerant or gluten-free–it’s important not to forget about guests with food allergies, so it might be best to make sure that you have a variety of different choices.

Plan Games, Activities, or Other Entertainment for Guests

Planning To Host A Baby Shower? Here's Some Useful Advice - Alvinology

There’s a lot to do at a baby shower! To keep guests entertained, it might be helpful to plan some games or other activities available. The more hands-on the activity is, the better–something like arts and crafts can take up quite a bit of time!

If you’re hosting the event with friends or family members, consider splitting up the tasks between yourselves. If someone is great at cooking (or catering), they can focus on that, while others are in charge of games or decorations.

Ensure to Stick with Your Budget and Plan Realistically

It’s important to make sure that you have a budget in mind before planning your baby shower–once the guest list is finalized, it’ll be easier to figure out what kind of food and drinks will work best for everyone. You might not want to spend money on expensive decorations or favors because you won’t use them again!

When making a budget, try to plan realistically. If you’re trying to stick with a tight budget and can’t afford food or drinks for everyone at the event, then consider hosting it in someone’s home instead of renting out an expensive space.

When considering what favors to give guests as they leave–consider doing something small that won’t cost much money. It can be as simple as a bag of candy, Dominos pasta side dishes or some diapers and wipes–but make sure that this is something your guests will actually use!

If you’re planning to host a baby shower, the best advice we can give is to start with these 6 steps. All good things stem from proper preparation and careful consideration of your guest list and what activities they will enjoy at the party. Your budget plan should be created with your partner or hostess so that there are no surprises about how much money you spend on each aspect of this event. It’s important not to forget any details that may seem small but could end up being big issues later down the line when it comes time for guests to arrive! So make sure everything is arranged in advance before adding anything extra into the mix. You’ll be glad you did if something doesn’t go as planned on game day!

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