In line with the latest government advisories, religious organisations will be allowed to conduct prayer services and raise offerings with up to 50 people at a time from 19 August to 16 September. This year’s Hungry Ghost Festival might be a little different, but with Shopee’s ‘7th Month Essentials’ campaign, you can now get all your prayer needs from the comfort of your home!

This 7th lunar month, observe the sombre affair with specially curated offerings checklist, featuring must-have prayer essentials like joss papers, candles, and food staples at unbeatable prices, details below. Plus, don’t miss out on:

  • Exclusive vouchers for featured sellers
  • Bundles at up to 70% off

7th Month Package ($52.20)

7th Month Festival Offerings ($30.88 – $53.88)

Paper model for offering -Massage Chair ($10.94)

SPrayer Oil ($12.69 – $30.91)

TPrayer Pail ($15.45 – $36.80)

T7 Month – Package 003 Kim Zua Joss Paper Set ($130.64)

Hungry Ghost Festival (7th Month) Bundle 2 ($5.00)

Sunkist Orange ($5.00)

[Bundle of 24] Tiger Lager Beer Can 320ml ($45.80)

Citylife – Storage Box With Wheels 60L ($29.90)

Don’t forget to mark your calendar on these key dates:

  • 19 August
  • 2 September
  • 16 September

Visit here to learn more about Shopee’s 7th Month Essentials.