Weekend Wine-down, with Love from Hunter Valley - Alvinology

Weekend Wine-down, with Love from Hunter Valley

While we can’t travel physically for now, our taste buds can.  And winding down at home with a glass of wine could just be the best getaway we need from the everyday grind.

The folks at Destination NSW sent over two bottles of wine- Tyrrell’s Semillon (2018) and Brokenwood Semillon (2019) and took us on a virtual journey through Australia’s oldest wine region, the Hunter Valley.

While we can’t travel to Hunter Valley now for wine-tasting directly, we settle for the next best thing which is to bring the flavours of the valley into our home with their signature wines.

Weekend Wine-down, with Love from Hunter Valley - Alvinology


The palate is light to medium-bodied ad continues with fresh citrus and concentrated grapefruit flavors. The finish is pleasing with a balance of fruit and soft acid. A benchmark for the style of semillon the Hunter Valley’s warm and humid conditions are famed for.


Lovely florals and lemongrass aromas. Mouth-filling flavours of pear and lemon pith balancing the zesty acid backbone. A classic Hunter Valley semillon to enjoy now or to age gracefully over many years.


Some tips from sommelier Shanteh Wong on how to enjoy a glass of wine:   

  1. Swirl to aerate the wine, to bring out all the aromatics
  2. Admire the pretty color of the wine by holding the glass across a white background (e.g. tablecloth, wall)
  3. Sip, enjoy and just have fun!


Food to go with young semillon

  • Fresh seafood
  • Oyster
  • Shell fish

Food to go with semillon with a bit of age

  • Food that is richer in taste, such as fried chicken etc. This is as aged Semillon has the acidity to clean up anything that has a bit of richness on the palate


You can find the wines at Straits Wines, Singapore Wine Wholesales and Pop Up Wine.

Weekend Wine-down, with Love from Hunter Valley - Alvinology
Admiring the beautiful sunshiney hue of Brokenwood Semillon (2019)

Cheers to the weekend!

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