OmniMeat – the new kind of healthy with revolutionary products debuting today! See them here!

OmniMeat, in just two years, overwhelmed the market with its unique blend of plant-based proteins and striking resemblance to traditional pork in both taste and appearance. Since launched in 2018, OmniMeat has become widely available to parts in Asia and Canada aiming to become the world’s most popular plant-based ingredient.

Today, two long-awaited revolutionary products are debuting to excite everyone in Asia and around the world – OmniMeat Luncheon to keep typical concerns at bay, and OmniMeat Strip bringing innovation to classic dishes.

OmniMeat Luncheon – world’s first plant-based luncheon

OmniFoods is launching a healthier plant-based version of luncheon meat – OmniMeat Luncheon. It contains 0mg cholesterol, is rich in protein and provides dietary fiber, potassium and calcium. Compared with traditional canned pork luncheon meat, OmniMeat Luncheon’s calories and total fat content are 40% and 49% lower respectively, and sodium content is 62% lower. OmniMeat Luncheon is cruelty-free, non-GMO, contains no added hormones, antibiotics and MSG. More importantly, OmniMeat Luncheon does not contain any carcinogenic nitrates.

The cooking method is designed to be convenient. For best results, simply fry both sides of the OmniMeat Luncheon for one to two minutes and serve. It is an ingredient that everyone can easily prepare.

OmniMeat Strip – everyone’s new healthy option

Given pork strips are widely used in Asian cuisines, OmniFoods is eager to meet that need by debuting a plant-based pork strip – OmniMeat Strip.

OmniMeat Strip is rich in protein, with 18.6g of protein per 100g. It is low in saturated fat, free of cholesterol and is also a source of dietary fiber while being rich in potassium, calcium and iron. Compared with raw pork shoulder with separable lean and fat meat, OmniMeat Strip’s calories and total fat content are 48% and 76% lower respectively. The formula is cruelty-free, non-GMO and contains no added hormones.

Retail pack will be available in Hong Kong this July.

Kind Kitchen Dishes (Limited Serving Per Day):

1. Omni Luncheon & Eggless Toast – HKD$49

2. Omni K-Ramen – HKD$56

3. Omni Zha Jiang – HKD$56

4. Omni Trio (Available in July)

Ming Court, Cordis Hong Kong Dishes (Available in July)

1. OmniMeat Luncheon Meat, Eggplant, Black Bean Sauce, Steamed

2. Crispy Noodle, OmniMeat Strip, Fried

3. Rice Vermicelli, OmniMeat Strip, Pickled Mustard Vegetable, Braised

Rice and Roast (Available in July)

1. OmniMeat Luncheon with Egg and Rice in Spicy Tomato Sauce

Nutritional and Food Facts

Nutrition Comparison between OmniMeat Luncheon and other Luncheon Meat brands (per 100g)

Comparison between OmniMeat Strip and raw pork shoulder with separable lean and fat meat (per 100g)

2019 World’s 8 Largest Luncheon Meat Sales Market

2019 Asia-Pacific Luncheon Meat Sales Market

Source: Global Info Research –– Global Luncheon Meat Market 2020 by Manufacturers, Regions, Type and Application, Forecast to 2025

Top 3 Favorite Processed Meat for Consumers by Countries

Top 3 Health Concerns of Processed Meat for Consumers by Countries

Consumers eat luncheon meat at least once a month

OmniFoods’ products – OmniMeat, OmniMeat Luncheon and OmniMeat Strip – are also Buddhist-friendly.

To learn more about OmniFood and its products, visit here.

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