[Weekend Eats] Dim Sum Buffet at Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant (PARKROYAL On Beach Road)

Are you still busy planning gatherings with family and friends to make up for time lost to the Circuit Breaker? Perhaps you might fancy “Mod-Sin” fusion food, or perhaps it’s time for some Dim Sum?

“Treats from the Heart” Weekend A La carte Dim Sum Buffet- pictured here are just some of the Dim Sum options, there are many more!

We checked out the new 点点心意 ‘Treats from the Heart’ Weekend A La Carte Dim Sum Buffet from Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant 四川豆花饭庄  at PARKROYAL On Beach Road.

Read on to decide if it’s worthy to be your next weekend foodie pit stop!

About the Menu

Available for a limited period from 3 July to 27 September 2020 on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays, 11:30am to 2:00pm, this special brunch menu features unlimited servings of classic Cantonese as well as Sichuan dim sum, appetizers, nourishing soups and desserts, alongside single servings of exquisitely prepared premium dim sum specialties. 

Safety Measures

As part of Covid-19 preventive measures, all items will be plated and served individually to each guest along with safe distancing measures.

Some Highlights

Overall, we liked the family-friendly offerings—traditional classics with a fresh spin, great to keep both the elders and kiddos satisfied. Below are some of the dishes that stood out to us.

Bean Curd and Preserved Capsicum Soup.

Tangy and appetizing, starting off with this soup will whet your appetite for all the dim sum to follow!

Deep-Fried Fluffy Swan Pastry with Foie Gras.

Dainty swan is perfect for instagram and for eliciting “oh so cute” reactions around the table. The swan’s insides is a creamy paste mildly reminiscent of Foie Gras.

Steamed Scallop Dumpling.

This little money bag packs a fine medley of textures- chewy scallop pieces mixed with crunchy bits of wood ear mushroom and carrot. The cherry on the cake is the generous sprinkling of fish roe which gives a burst of umami with each bite!

Juicy tasty prawn and fish maw stuffed into a sizable dumpling in a clear, sweet broth we left not a drop of. This was a unanimous favorite!

Kids will be entertained by this mushroom inception- bun in the shape of a mushroom filled with mushroom and chicken bits.

Baked Abalone BBQ Pork Pastry.

The abalone refers to just the shape of the pastry, the filling is good ol’ traditional char siew. The pastry is flaky and buttery while the char siew filling is sweet and flavorful. Easily a crowd-pleaser.

Baked Mini Egg Tart with Bird’s Nest.

An “atas” spin to the good ol’ egg tart. A scoop of sweet bird nest is layered on top of the egg custard. Those with a sweet tooth would like this.

Mini Pancake with Crispy Chicken Floss.

The “pancake” is actually fried mantou, the kind we eat with chilli crab. This is a fun twist to a classic favorite!

In the off chance that you are still hungry after all the Dim Sum, or if you simply cannot do without carbs, don’t worry, noodle staples are available for you.

Homemade Fine Bean Curd with Hasma.

We loved this dessert! Just look at the generous serving of hasma (hashima) and wolf-berries. The wolf-berries were very very sweet.

Close-up of the silky bean curd.


More details at the ‘Treats from the Heart’  promo page


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