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TikTok reminds users to think before posting dangerous acts on the video app

TikTok launches the #thinkb4youdo challenge to encourage Singaporeans to take a moment and think before they conduct dangerous acts on TikTok.

While Singapore has been ranked 4th out of 30 countries for having the best online safety, youths are still grappling with issues including cyberbullying. #thinkb4youdo is a call to action for everyone using the platform to play their part in creating a safe and positive environment for the global community.

As a platform that celebrates creativity and expression, TikTok is continuously enhancing and updating its various policies and tools to ensure its millions of users feel safe and comfortable within the community.

To draw greater attention to the dangers of posting harmful content for entertainment purposes, TikTok is encouraging local users to participate by doing the following:

  1.  Shoot a video and use the #thinkb4youdo sticker and follow the choreography
  2. Post your video along with the hashtag thinkb4youdo and set it to public
  3. Share it on other social platforms and invite your friends to join you

TikTok works with industry experts, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and industry associations around the world to help ensure that its policies, technology, and privacy controls protect against industry-wide challenges around platform misuse.

Many popular local creators are joining the #thinkb4youdo challenge to create short videos, including national taekwondo athlete, Ming Wei and more.

Promoting a safe and positive app environment is TikTok’s top priority, it has a number of measures in place today to protect against misuse. Visit these links to learn more about TikTok’s safety efforts and community guidelines.

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