Have a talent you’re proud of? Dream of showing it off beyond social media? Think you can impress Jack Neo, the expert of production and live shows? If you like singing, acting, hosting and dancing on live stream, this could be your opportunity to show it off and stand to win a total worth of SGD198,000 or RM602,000 in cash & prizes!

All ages, genders, type of looks (ugly to beautiful), English / Chinese speakers welcomed!

The Show Off Show is in search for the most multi-talented individuals from across Singapore and Malaysia, and you might just be the next star.


In a press conference held over Zoom yesterday (15 July), veteran actor-director Jack Neo who is now also CEO of Asia Momentum Media (AMM) announced the launch of his first-ever virtual talent search “Show off Show” (放马过来 in Mandarin). He shared that he is looking for multi-talented individuals who are passionate in areas such as singing, acting, hosting, dancing & live streaming.

Jack Neo, CEO of Asia Momentum Media


You might have heard of Getai veteran Wang Lei’s successful pivot to selling fish on FB live-stream, but do you know the extent of his success? During the press conference, Wang Lei, who is also one of the hosts for the talent search, candidly shared that one hour of live-stream selling nets him up to triple the pay compared to three hours of Getai!

Wang Lei at the Show Off Show Zoom press conference on 15 July 2020.

 “SHOW OFF SHOW” is a talent search held entirely on live stream. The search is for content that is entertaining, relatable, and unique. Jack Neo’s aim is to give every talented individual an opportunity to realise their dream and he has gathered industry experts and veterans across  Singapore and Malaysia to groom the next star! Through joining the contest, apart from Jack Neo, you’ll also be able to showcase your talent in front of other judges like Michiyo Ho, Irene Ang, Amber Chia, Dee Kosh, Melissa Thng, Kumar, Tosh Zhang and program hosts Ben Logan, Wang Lei, Noah Yap and Gurmit Singh.


Through a ten-week programme, contestants will be taking on tasks during the weekly live streams that aim to challenge their ability to think on their feet and out of the box. Selected contestants will also get to attend masterclasses conducted by veteran actors and digital entertainment experts like Jack Neo and Andie Chen to gain more knowledge, skills and insights to the digital entertainment world.

 In conjunction with the talent search, AMM will be launching a live entertainment app in near future, which will bring all the entertainment and interactivity of the live shows together. AMM wants to provide a platform for multi-talented individuals to kickstart a career in the entertainment industry.


The search will be held for both English and Mandarin speaking individuals, and the winner for each category will walk away with a cash prize of SGD20,000 (MYR60,000) as well as a potential contract with AMM for their original productions. There will be a total worth of SGD198,000 (MYR602,000) cash and prizes for the contest.


Heads up to all you aspiring contestants!! We gathered some tips from a few of the judges at yesterday’s press conference on what they will be looking out for. You are welcome.

Dee Kosh: In the climate we are in nowadays, Instagram, etc. —everyone can be a star. Looking for the sweet spot between relatability of content and how entertaining it is. On how content creators can be edgy but not offensive, Dee Kosh says it pays to be educated about things and to have good friends to feedback and run the content by.   

Michiyo Ho:  Willingness to learn, right attitude.

Tosh Zhang: A chameleon. Able to fit and adapt to changing situations, step out of comfort zone constantly. Being in a competition can be stressful, but have fun, so that u will be in your element. The audience and judges can tell when you are  enjoying your own performance, which is a bonus point.  

Jack Neo: In submitted video, be surprising so as to capture the judges’ attention.               


>>> Registration and submission of entries is free.

>>> Public submission [15 July 2020 to 2 August 2020]

>>> All contestants will need to upload a 30s video on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or TikTok, that best represents their talent (hosting, acting, selling, etc) with the hashtags #ShowOffShow (English category) #放马过来 (Chinese Category) on their own account (accounts have to be public). All posts have to tag AMM social media pages, Facebook & Instagram @ammtv.sg for Singapore entries or @ammtv.my for Malaysia entries to be considered as a valid entry.

>>> The contest is open to contestants of any age, race and gender residing in Singapore and Malaysia. If the contestant is below 18 years old, parental consent will be required and need to be accompanied by the guardian if he or she needs to travel for shoots.

In the past, to join talent searches you might have to queue up in a physical queue. Now, you can just film a 30s video in the comfort of your own home. As Wang Lei encouraged during the press conference, let’s “Ownself give ownself chance”. Hesitate no more and you might just be the star of tomorrow. Click here to go to the Show Off Show official website.