Now that the Circuit Breaker is over and with the recovery phase easing it, maybe it is time we relook at the the kind of cosmetics we are using.

Pretty shouldn’t hurt.

With the global movement towards sustainability and clean cosmetics, Liht Organics was launched.

Let’s face it – our skin is definitely thanking us for this breather during COVID19. Given the realities of working from home, physical distancing, and mask wearing, it has become much less important to wear makeup. According to research firm Kantar Worldpanel, there are on average 11 fewer personal care occasions when working from home versus an office, and prestige cosmetics brands have seen 75 percent declines in sales numbers versus a year ago, based on a report by Mckinsey

This bare-faced, no-makeup trend is definitely a plus to our overall well-being. Pre-crisis, women in the US apply an average of 168 chemicals, including endocrine disruptors, carcinogens and neurotoxins, to our faces and bodies every day, according to non-profit Environmental Working Group. They also found carcinogenic ingredients in one of every 120 cosmetic products on the market, including shampoos, lotions, make up foundations, and lip balm. In 2010, traces of lead were found in 100 percent of the 400 lipsticks tested by the FDA in USA.

As we struggle through a global health crisis, it has become increasingly relevant to eschew potentially hazardous cosmetics in our new daily routines. Since many of us are spending most of our time indoors, now is the perfect chance to Marie Kondo our makeup stash and give our skin (and health) a break from harmful products. 

Why Liht Organics?

“Clean beauty shouldn’t be considered a niche market, an exception to the rule – it should be an essential standard,” shared Nerissa Low, founder of Liht Organics, a homegrown organic makeup brand which formulates cruelty-free, chemical-free cosmetics. Liht Organics has also seen an uptick of 300% in their sales from last year, signalling consumer shifts towards clean cosmetics.

Nerissa Low, founder of Liht Organics

Short for Living In Her Time and pronounced as ‘light’, Liht Organics offers products that are made up of more than 90% natural ingredients, allowing consumers to take respite from traditional makeup that is filled with chemicals that are detrimental to our skin. Their cosmetics contain USDA-certified organic ingredients, zero nanoparticles or harmful chemicals, and are vegan and cruelty-free.

This is in stark difference to many greenwashed products on the market that are labelled as organic and natural, but only use a small percentage of such ingredients often less than 10%. Liht Organics aims to overturn this unbecoming trend, educating their consumers on the specific ingredients that used in their product formulations. 

While regular organic makeup brands are known for their limited number of shades – due to the lack of resources for R&D as compared to big-name beauty companies – Liht Organics further champions diversity by ensuring that their products come in a wide range of shades. One of their best-selling products, the Youth Elixir Liquid Foundation, comes in 10 shades, to cater to a wide range of skin tones.

This champion product from Liht Organics also boasts natural long-wear properties, which comes in handy in light of a new phenomenon. Coined by consultancy firm SSA & Co, “the Longwear Foundation Effect” stems from the observation that as more are wearing masks, fabric rubbing against the face have stimulated the longwear foundation category in Asia.

Liht Organics Review

Liht Organics’ Youth Elixir Liquid Foundation (US$58) is available in 10 Shades. The foundation has a luxurious gel texture as its base is made with Aloe Barbadensis, said to be the most nourishing of over 200 species of Aloe Vera. It delivers a buildable, yet natural looking coverage with a satin finish. This intelligent formula both nourishes dehydrated skin, and curbs excessive sebum production in oilier skin so it is suitable for all skin types.

The lightweight consistency is extremely suitable to be used on a day-to-day basis. It provides flawless finish and there is no need to touch up throughout the day. The foundation is perfect to layer on to give stronger coverage on areas under the eyes.

The Dusk to Dawn Liquid Liner (S$36) is one of the brand’s fan-favourite because it is super indestructible. The line is 100% smudge-proof and water-proof, delivering an intense definition all day (and night) long until you’re ready to remove it. This formula is absolutely free of harmful heavy metals like Lead, Mercury and Carbon, and the best part is that it removes easily with warm water and does not cause discolouration.

The eyeliner gives you the perfect wink, it allows you to build colour to achieve your desired look, from a natural wink to the dramatic cat eyeliner. The felt tip eyeliner is great for any shaky hands as it allows you to achieve higher accuracy with minimal mishaps.

The Liht Organics Color-Intense Liquid Lipstick (US$35) is available in 4 shades and is the brand’s best-selling product in their liquid lipstick range. Unlike the regular ones that dries matte, this formula is instead luscious and nourishing on the lips through the use of Coconut Oil and Shea Butter to hydrate and protect dry lips. Even after meals, the pigments leave a natural stain effect on the lips so touch-ups will never be a concern. It is also safe enough for multi-functional use as a cream blush.

You can never have too many lipsticks. The Color-Intense Liquid lipstick gives you the most gorgeous and kissable lips. The ingredients use you to restore and nourish your lips, keeping it hydrated as you reapply throughout the day.

How different are the effects of Liht Organics’ cosmetics when compared to regular cosmetics?

Not that different actually. Here are two photos I took with Liht Organics cosmetics applied:

Interested to find out more about Liht Organics or buy their products? Visit the official website for details.